Supermodel Tyra Banks honored Jennifer Lopez in the recent episode of "Dancing With the Stars." However, it wasn't received well.

With their theme "Icons Night," the runway royalty wowed the audience with her take on J.Lo's iconic Versace dress, which she wore during the 2000 Grammy Awards. 

On her Instagram Stories, the "DWTS" host shared a sneak peek of her wardrobe as she opened a large Versace box with a familiar print inside. 

"A little outfit hint for y'all..." she wrote.

Tyra Banks
(Photo : Instagram)

In the second clip, the "America's Next Top Model" host then walked on the corridors of the set as if it's a runway, donning the green scarf with her hair tied in a high ponytail.

"My JLo inspired dress is made from Versace scarves!" she explained. 

Tyra Banks
(Photo : Instagram)

The former Vogue cover girl opened the dance competition show by walking onto the stage sporting the iconic silk chiffon dress. She paired it with the song "Jenny From the Block" playing in the background. 

"What's up America?" she asked the audience. 

For what it's worth, the 46-year-old TV personality recreated J.Lo's look for the 42nd Grammy Awards ceremony with a conservative vibe, as she toned it down a bit with a less plunging neckline.

To recall, Jennifer Lopez arrived at the red carpet with her then-boyfriend Sean Combs. She was donning the sheer, tropical print-inspired dress with a very low neckline that extended until her navel, while the waist area was cinched with a citrine-studded brooch. 

Twitter Slammed Tyra Banks for Mimicking Jennifer Lopez

Unfortunately, the internet is not happy about Tyra's homage to the "Hustlers" star's 2000 red carpet look. 

One fan even called out the supermodel for "disrespecting" the Latina beauty: "I would love for Tyra to never disrespect JLO like that again."

A second critic mocked Banks, calling her a knock-off version of the "On the Floor" singer: "Is Tyra dressed as knock off J.Lo for icon night?"

Meanwhile, an individual pointed out that no one can pull off J.Lo's iconic dress. Not even the supermodel. 

"Nope! That's an epic fail! Only J Lo can and could pull this off! Tyra Banks looks like a landscape print from the Serengeti!!! Lmao!"

On the other hand, one critic left a harsh comment about Banks' hosting skill. 

"Oh @tyrabanks, you are NO J LO! This show needs a real host, not someone who is strutting down a runway and can't even hold an interview. Times up!"

Last year, Lopez sent fans into a frenzy after wearing the same dress when she walked down the Versace Spring 2020 fashion show in Milan. 

The Latina superstar was the show's finale, as she was side by side with Italian fashion designer Donatella Versace. 

According to reports, the iconic dress that J.Lo wore at the runway went on sale at Moda Operandi for $9,795, while the original version which she wore at the Grammys is reportedly still in her possession.

On the other hand, the Los Angeles Grammy Museum and Fashion Museum in Bath, England displayed a duplicate of the iconic Versace dress. 

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