The widow of "James Bond" actor Sean Connery is reportedly facing trial for tax fraud allegations. 

Spanish prosecutors have reportedly notified 91-year-old Micheline Roquebrune for years that she has been charged with tax fraud and was ordered to stand trial after a long-running investigation that sparked after the sale of Connery's home, Costa del Sol. 

They reportedly hit a brick wall because there was no cooperation from Connery and Roquebrune in the Bahamas, where the actor died in his sleep following years of battling dementia. 

According to The Sun, the case has still not gone away just because of Connery's death on October 31 at the age of 90.

Now, the Spanish authorities are reportedly planning to notify his widow of an indictment. 

An insider told the outlet, "Formal requests have been sent twice to the Bahamas to notify Micheline about the prosecution indictment and the court-ordered trial against her, but Spanish officials have yet to receive a reply."

The "007" star was told in 2014 that he wouldn't be facing trial for the sale of their home in 1999. 

The home was demolished to make way for 70 apartments despite regulations stating that only five could be built. 

French-born Roquebrune was ordered to stand trial in November 2015 after the judicial investigation dubbed "Goldfinger," in honor of the 1964 "James Bond" movie Sean Connery starred in. 

Former layers of Sean Connery were later handed lengthy prison sentences in 2016 after being tried and convicted of tax fraud in additional hearings. 

The former mayor of Marbella, Julian Munoz, and six other former town councilors were some of the convicted people for the corruption scam. Some were even handed prison sentences, while some reduced an appeal.

If convicted of tax fraud, Micheline Roquebrune would face jail time and be forced to pay a fine of $28 million. 

Prosecutors claimed that she helped and supported a complex operation to defraud the Spanish Treasury out of about $9 million back in 2006 through a company called By The Sea. 

Mrs. Connery was then ordered to hire a defense lawyer and forward his details to Spain's court officials. 

The Sun reported that she even called the allegations "nonsense." 

"We have nothing to do with this. We sold the property, and that's it," she said. 

The legendary actor died peacefully in his sleep in the Bahamas, and his widow, Micheline Roquebrune, revealed that the movie star's final wish was to have part of him taken home. 

Sean Connery's ashes are reported to be scattered in his homeland of Scotland. 

His widow, who he was married to for 40 years, told The Scottish Mail on Sunday, "He wanted his ashes to be scattered in the Bahamas and also in his homeland."

"Whenever it is possible and safe to travel again, then it is the family's intention to return with him."

Roquebrune also shared that they would be organizing a memorial service for him in Scotland but unsure when the service will happen exactly.  

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