Prince Philip's Net Worth: How Wealthy Is Queen Elizabeth II's Husband?

Prince Philip

Apart from celebrities and athletes, it is always interesting to know how much royals are worth, regardless if they are active in their duties or not. Prince Philip's net worth is always a source of intrigue, given he is the husband of the longest-reigning monarch, Queen Elizabeth. 

Prince Philip is the Duke of Edinburgh and husband to Queen Elizabeth II. He certainly got his own value and worth though - monetarily speaking. 

According to Celebrity Net Worth, the Duke has a net worth of $30 million.

He receives an annuity of about 360,000 pounds per year from the British parliament. This amount is not taxed for an important caveat. The official purpose of this annuity is to fund his expenses whenever he is carrying out public duties. These payments started in 1990 and still continued after he already retired from back in 2017.

Legislature states that if he does not use this money to pay for the expenses he would incur in carrying out his official duties, he is liable for taxation. 

Coming from Danish and Greek royal lineages, he was naturalized and became a British citizen prior to marrying Queen Elizabeth. 

He has served a lengthy period in the British navy during the war. 

Outside of his royal obligations, Philip is engaged in a lot of sports activities- and not the usual ones. He was involved greatly in carriage driving in particular. 

Like the rest of the royal family, he is also very involved in philanthropic pursuits.

Philip share with Queen Elizabeth a total of four children; Prince Charles, Prince Andrew, Princess Anne and Prince Edward. He is the grandfather of the presently feuding brothers - Prince Harry and Prince William. 

Some would say that compare to the rest of the royla members, Prince Philip's net worth is not as substantial. His is the second last, with Kate Middleton being the lowest. But as Business Insider put it, even though the amount is not as big, this is still pretty sweet considering that he receives a little above $442,000 a year as computed by the Sovereign Grant solely on the basis of his royal title. 

According to a U.K. Government site, Prince Philip's net worth is majorly built from the early Parliamentary annuity. The yearly amount is given to "meet the expenses of carrying out his public duties in support of the Queen." 

His wife naturally has a much larger net worth. 

Queen Elizabeth's net worth is around $550 million back in 2017. Much of this handsome number derives from owning property holdings worth millions such as the Balmoral Castle in the Scottish Highlands, the Sandringham House, stud and fruit farms, marine land and many more properties all over the UK. Majority of the estates was inherited from her father, the late King George VI. 

The Queen further receives receives a yearly annual government stipend like Prince Philip, but at a much higher amount. It nearly reached $13 million in 2017. 

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