Are Kanye West clones coming pretty soon?

The 43-year-old "control freak," dubbed by Globe magazine on their November 30 issue, allegedly believes that having just one of him is certainly not enough. 

Kanye West believes that he's so smart, wonderful, and creative - so his latest project is reportedly to create an army of Kanye clones. 

The self-made billionaire alleged that the clones would be his personal gift to the world. 

An insider tattled, "It's his duty to keep himself on the planet at all costs, long after he's gone, so death doesn't have to be the end of Kanye the Great." 

They further added, "He's talked about this before, but cloning himself was more of a concept back then."

"Now, he's exploring it actively with scientists from all walks of life, including doctors and lab technicians."

While the cloning project seems kookier than his weird, and unfortunately, failed presidential bid, West's wife, Kim Kardashian, has allegedly given the rapper permission to "double down on himself." 

"Kanye has this fantasy of being the ultimate leader of the free world," the insider snitched. 

"He struggles to imagine anyone coming close to possessing his own talent and overall vision."

The source further revealed that the "Jesus Is King" hitmaker already has visions of getting his lab ready to create a "dead ringer" of himself. 

"He says he can't wait to hug and give himself a big kiss." 

The troubled musician, however, has other plans to ensure that he becomes immortal.

"He's fascinated by cryogenics, and no one would be surprised if he arranges to have himself stored in a chamber with sub-freezing temperatures when he dies so he can be revived years later." 

It's still best to take this report with a grain of salt, as Globe is known for making ridiculous stories without evidence. 

Kanye's Cult

After building his own church, which many said to give "cult vibes," Kanye West is raising eyebrows once more with his Yeezy Christian Academy, in a new report by New Idea.

Early this month, West released a promotional ad for his "latest innovation for education," which has reportedly five founding pillars. 

Kanye West claims that these are Faith, Music, Communication, Collaboration, and Creativity. 

In the video that featured his kids, North, Saint, and his nephew, Mason, his niece Penelope, and other kids wearing matching blue jumpsuits, the kids were heard chanting, "Jesus loves everyone."

According to an online commentator, "Surprised it's not called Yee-town," as he referenced the infamous Jonestown cult. 

Kanye's Infamous Gift to Kim Kardashian

And if that isn't enough in Kanye West's weird projects list, he also recently gave his reality star wife a hologram of her late father.

Many people don't believe that departed loved ones' holograms are a few steps too far because these so-called "holograms from heaven" are not their loved ones. 

According to Bella UK, these holograms are not 3D versions of genuine videos of their family members because it's all "computer trickery putting words into the mouth of Kim's dad."  

While the Kar-Jenner family thought it was touching and moving, many ordinary people believe it's creepy and disturbing. 

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