In an emotional Instagram live, Rebel Wilson revealed some of the struggles she faced during her weight loss transformation journey. 

The 40-year-old fought back the tears as she admitted that she didn't treat her body the love and respect it deserved in the past. 

According to the Australian actress, she used her weight as a gate so people wouldn't get close to her. 

She confessed how she fed herself negative things and wasn't valuing herself better. 

Despite all of that, Rebel said she's trying to change her ways by loving herself and treating herself with respect - the same advice she gave her fans. 

"I'm working on self-love, and that's a hard concept to master." 

Rebel Wilson said she also reached her lowest weight when she had malaria, revealing how she almost died. 

"I was at my skinniest when I had malaria when I almost died. When I came out of the hospital, everyone was like, 'Wow, what did you do?'"

She said, "I almost died." 

Aside from that, Rebel also expressed how people in the entertainment industry wanted her to stay as "Fat Amy," referring to her character in the movie franchise. 

"And at the end of the day, it's my life, and my body and Hollywood had in a way typecast me, but I didn't want to stay like that." 

The "Pitch Perfect" star further talked about her personal experience and journey to help people who have the same struggles as her. 

Speaking of her obesity, Rebel Wilson addressed that she had been overweight for over twenty years since she was twenty years old. 

"For twenty years, I have been a bigger person." 

The "Hustlers" star confirmed she lost a whopping 28 kilograms in 2020, crediting her passion for hiking as one thing that helped her lose weight. 

2020 was considered "Year of Health" by Rebel, so she also decided to freeze her eggs if she wanted to start a family in the future. 

"I was thinking about fertility and having good quality eggs in the bank, so I was like, okay, I'm going to do this. I'm going to get healthy." 

Currently, Rebel Wilson weighs about 75 kilograms. She was over 100 kilograms during the start of her fitness journey. 

On Sunday, the blonde bombshell announced that she had reached her goal weight with enough time to spare.

Sharing a picture of the number 74.6 on her digital scale, Rebel said that though it isn't about the numbers, she needed something like this "tangible measurement" that would keep her inspired and motivated. 

In an interview with People, Rebel detailed how she lost off the weight. 

She confessed that she usually ate 3,000 calories daily because they were mostly carbs and would continue eating because it made her hungry. 

She currently changed her diet to high-protein, which is also challenging for her because "I didn't use to eat a lot of meat."

She eats fish, salmon, and chicken breast. 

Like most diet-conscious people, she also cuts herself some slack sometimes by splurging in some burger from In-N-Out and some fries, "and then you feel fine."

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