George Clooney has every reason to feel proud about his wife, Amal Clooney. 

Aside from being a renowned international human rights lawyer and a doting mom to their two daughters, the 42-year-old Lebanese-British beauty has some pretty mad skills on the court. 

In his recent interview with People magazine, where he was hailed as one of the four personalities for "People of the Year," George recalled the time when his human rights lawyer wife beat him and former U.S. President Barack Obama in a free-throw match. 

"I'll tell you this - we had a free throw-shooting contest at our house in England with the former president of the United States, Barack Obama, and she beat us all,: George shared.

Furthermore, the actor even bragged about the 5-foot-9 stunner making "17 free throws straight - and 18 out of 20."

How Competitive Is Amal Clooney?

While his wife dominates the court, the three-time Golden Globe winner only got 12 out of 20 shots and acknowledged that she is really good with sports. 

"I was shooting like Shaq free throws- no offense to Shaq," George mentioned, adding: "Amal is a really good athlete."

Moreover, George shared that his wife is pretty competitive when it comes to sports, most especially with basketball. 

"She kills me - if we play six games, I'll win maybe two. When I was younger, I won some tennis tournaments. I played a lot of sports - I still play a lot of sports, and I can actually play [well]," the Hollywood A-lister furthered. "And Amal just beats the hell out of me."

Interestingly, if there's one thing that the "Batman and Robin" actor can surely win against Alma, it is through a slightly less physical activity: Scrabble. He even mentioned how people expect him to win in basketball while Amal beats him in word games. 

"You see, this is where we're breaking all the stereotypes," he quipped. 

Is Obama Good at Basketball?

As Barack, although George did not disclose how many free-throws he got, the 59-year-old former world leader is known as a basketball devotee. 

He played for Hawaii's Punahou School basketball varsity during his younger years, during which he and his team ended up bagging the state championship in 1979.

His former teammate and best pal, Mark Bendix, previously shared to NBC that Obama always "loved" basketball and knew how to "handle the ball well."

LeBron James Reacts To Barack Obama's Shooting Skill

Proving his skill to the test, a viral video of Obama nailing a 3-pointer recently circulated over the internet. 

This was during his campaign for his former vice president and now President-elect Joe Biden. 

Interestingly, NBA superstar LeBron James reacted to the former President's skills and wrote: "Now you just showing out now, my friend!! That's what you do, huh?? Ok, ok, I see. All cash!"

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