Sure enough, George Clooney is like everyone else who isn't happy with how the year 2020 has been.

Just a month before the world welcomes the new year, Clooney spoke up about 2020 and gave it a savage description.

In his one-on-one interview with Yahoo! Entertainment, the 59-year-old actor promoted his upcoming Netflix movie, "The Midnight Sky." However, the talk segued in a portion where Clooney called this year as a "rotten" one.

"2020 was a pretty rotten year, all the way around," Clooney said. "Starting with Kobe Bryant dying. It's been one catastrophe after another."

He also talked about the social climate of the year, especially after the killings of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor.

Despite everything that happened, Clooney expressed his hope that the new year will be more about positivity and growth for everyone. In addition, he said that he now sees "a lot of light" at the end of 2020.

To recall, Kobe Bryant and eight other passengers, including his daughter Gigi, died in a helicopter crash in January 2020. Meanwhile, Floyd and Taylor were both killed by police officers.

Amid these issues, he spread hope by mentioning how a coronavirus vaccine is already on its way.

Clooney also engaged himself in several advocacy works this year. It is worth noting that he handed $500,000 to the Equal Justice Initiative after George Floyd's death. He also cashed out $1 million to help the COVID-19 relief efforts in several countries, including Italy, London and Los Angeles.

With his generous acts, he was named as one of the People of the Year.

George Clooney Addresses Political Issues

Elsewhere in the interview, the "Money Monster" star also spoke about political issues that many celebrities refused to tackle.

Previously, he called Donald Trump "unqualified." He then expressed his excitement on president-elect Joe Biden's upcoming inauguration on January 20, 2021.

"I'm excited to have someone who is in charge of our government that doesn't call the press 'the enemy of the people,' quite honestly. I think it's important that we move in that direction," he went on.

It is not surprising that he supports Biden's presidency, though, as Clooney participated in President Barack Obama's virtual fundraising event in July 2020.

Clooney also once hosted the record-breaking fundraising dinner for Obama in 2012, which was attended by over 150 guests.

People Disagreed on Clooney's Statements

While the actor outed the truth about 2020 and some political comments, some people refused to support Clooney's opinions.

"Wonder if celebrities will ever come to the realization that we don't care about them or like them personally, just the characters they portray," one said.

"The man doesn't even live in the USA. Hasn't for over fifteen years. Don't think he has a right to preach to us his political rhetoric," another critic wrote.

"Clooney Is a two bit clown. And has no idea how normal people live. Keep playing make believe CLOWN," another individual added.

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