Jennifer Garner put a comedic twist to a cult-favorite scene every avid "Alias" fan would know. While she initially planned to never post the said video, she changed her mind.

With that said, it might just be her cutest Christmas gift to her fans yet.

The thriller series "Alias" made Garner a household name because of the many memorable scenes that her character, Sydney Bristow, was involved in. One of these is the pool scene where Sydney slowly and sexily waded through the water before emerging like a goddess. She then pat herself dry and walked slowly away, with her great body for all to see. The scene has stuck in the mind of every fan, even after the show was canceled over a decade ago. 

Knowing fans would love to see that scene again, Garner posted the video on Instagram to celebrate reaching the 10-million follower mark.

The video showed two concurrent clips so that the comparison can be made easily.

Not only do fans get to reminisce about the particular scene and see a young Garner in all of her bikini-clad glory, but they were also treated to the present day Garner looking funny and cute as she imitated what her character did in the specific pool scene. 

While the "Alias" version showed Garner in a bikini and stepping into a high-heeled shoe, the present day Garner was in some wet suit (that did not show anything) and her slipping into some comfy crocs. 

Showing this took some effort on the actress' part, especially since she promised her representatives she would "never" post it online. Apparently, she aged and her team is worried that fans would find it something worth ridiculing.

"To celebrate all 10 million of you, here is THE video I promised my manager (hi, @nksolaka) and my publicist (hi, @mereowass) I would never post," Garner wrote as a caption. 

Jenn also wrote exactly why not with the use of four emojis. 

"At some point in 2021, Ladies, I will try to look cute just for you," she added.

For what it's worth, her team should not have worried because most of the comments made on the post were positive. Some were from her celebrity friends and "Alias" co-stars, too, who thanked her for making their day.

Eva Longoria commented with a simple "OMG" and loads of laughing emoticons. 

Robin Roberts commented, "Just when I think I couldn't possibly adore you any more than I already do! Bless you for always making all of us smile. You are a gem, Jen." 

Her "Alias" co-star Gina Torres wrote, "the Best!" 

Garner has long stopped caring about Hollywood's standards and what-not. She was once mocked by someone on social media, who asked what to call a  "movie star who makes no new movies." She perfectly clapped back with the most sensical answer anyone made of that particular insult.

According to Garner, a movie star who makes no new movies is simply a mom. The actress is a mom of three children she share with actor Ben Affleck. 

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