Chrissy Teigen clapped back at a troll who complained about her "going on about everything" on Twitter. 

The 35-year-old first tweeted, "Guess I should change my Chrissy's court header lol goodbye quibi, only I understand uuu." 

One Twitter user then responded to the model's tweet, saying how she would unfollow her on both Twitter and Instagram. 

"t's official. I followed you on IG and here.... at first, I thought you had fun, interesting stories, but now I realize you go on about EVERYTHING. Unfollow on both."

They added, "But 160 tweets within one hour is, in my opinion, too much. However, the way she responded was completely classless." 

Chrissy Teigen retorted, "I haven't tweeted for three days, then said six things. lolllllll you are weird and angry."

The cookbook author returns to her old usual, sassy, yet funny self after suffering a devastating miscarriage 20 weeks into her pregnancy in September. 

She shared a heartbreaking black and white picture of herself in the hospital after finding out that they lost her son, Jack. 

Chrissy later revealed that she asked her husband, singer John Legend, to take the uncomfortable images because she "needed to know the moment forever." But she admitted that he hated doing it. 

The "All of Me" hitmaker told the Times T2 magazine, "I was nervous when we were taking pictures in the hospital because emotionally I didn't know if I could handle looking at them."

He added, "But I do believe that it was good for Chrissy to share her story with people." 

John also admitted that it serves as a reminder that despite his family appearing like they have a perfect life, they are still human beings who experience loss and tragedy like the rest of the world. 

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend have opened up the conversation and received an overwhelming reaction who experienced miscarriages. 

Chrissy's Transformative Period

On Sunday, the entrepreneur talked about her current emotional state and shared some of her coping mechanisms after her heart-wrenching experience. 

As soon as she turned 35 on November 30th, Chrissy Teigen confessed that she felt there had been a shift in her energy.

She shared how the "intense grief and physical pain was gone." 

The mother-of-two boasted her pink and purple flowers gifted to her by a friend while sharing pictures of a cork board about enjoying the happiness in her life. 

Wearing a white button-down and surrounded by magazines stack into one another, Chrissy Teigen looked relaxed and said, "I'm this new person now, hello." 

Because of her look, Chrissy had to assure her followers that she wasn't high hilariously.

Additionally, she also admitted that she has gotten "very good" at giving her kids, Miles and Luna, her undivided attention. 

She said in an Instagram caption, "One thing I have gotten very good at is knowing every single moment they want you to pause and pay attention to them is very important to them so you just gotta make it a moment because it's just a moment, but it's THEIR MOMENT, you know?" 

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