Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly are said to be seeing marriage in 2021, less than a year of officially dating. 

The "Jennifer's Body" star has called it quits with her estranged husband Brian Austin Green early this year and has officially put an end to their 10-year marriage just last month after she filed for divorce.

Now, Megan's pals are expecting that her new boyfriend will be popping the question in the coming months, a source told Entertainment Tonight

"Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly make each other laugh, and that's a big thing for Megan. 

They added, "They keep each other smiling. MGK totally sees marriage in his future with Megan, and friends could 100% see them getting engaged within the next year."

Her pals noted that the "Transformers" actress doesn't have engagement and marriage in her mind just yet, but her relationship with the "Bloody Valentine" rapper is said to be better compared to the one she had with Brian. 

"They are going strong, but Megan is the type of person who likes to keep her partners on their toes so one day she can be super hot and another, she can be cold."

The source further said, "MGK doesn't mind the back and forth, and they're definitely more 'on' than 'off' on most days. Megan's relationship with MGK is healthier than her relationship with Brian was, especially during their last year together."

The Hollywood actress and the musician are also said to be leaning on each other emotionally and have an extremely strong connection. 

Megan Fox, just like MGK, both have children from previous relationships, so they both empathize with each other in terms of their careers, parents, and other issues.

Megan Fox, Machine Gun Kelly
(Photo : IG @meganfox)

According to the outlet's source, MGK felt that he was going down a bad path before meeting Megan before their extraordinary relationship. 

In a previous interview, the "I Think I'm OK" rapper opened up about how having Megan around helped him with his drug abuse recovery, especially just some of his "dark nights." 

The 30-year-old explained to Interview magazine, "When you have a partner, mine being Megan, sitting there with you on those dark nights when you're sweating and not being able to figure out why you're so in your head, to help you get out of your head and put it in perspective, that really, really helps."

But it isn't just Machine Gun Kelly who had some great things to say about the other, as Megan Fox also said that loving him was like a "tsunami" and a "forest fire." 

In an interview with Nylon, "The intensity of merging with him is just overwhelming, and the threat it poses is so powerful but so beautiful that you have no choice to surrender with reverence and with gratitude." 

The couple's connection started when they met on the set of their upcoming film, "Midnight In The Switch Grass." 

In May, rumors of them dating circulated after she became part of his "Bloody Valentine" music video. Later on, they were seen out and about and even kissing in public.  

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