Remember that viral Jennifer Lopez dress from Versace? Iconic right? Her latest outfit is equally a bomb! Maybe because Queen Beyonce has a hand on  it. 

J.Lo and Beyonce collaborating is the gift that fans did not know they needed until it happened. Now,fanscannot help but wish for more. 

It's as if Lopez knew what could seriously cheer up her fans, who have gotten beat up by the year that was, or still is.

Jennifer Lopez's Instagram Post

To insert a little joy in people's lives as the countdown towards the end of 2020 starts, Jennifer Lopez dresses herself in some pieces from Beyonce's Ivy Park collection. Furthermore,she showed how she can just about wear anything and still look good.

If Jenny from the Block always has a swagger fans cannot help but adore, wearing Queen B's collection just made the swagger even more swaggy. 

As expected, Beyonce's designs look perfect on J.Lo, and it's essentially the proof that the pair should start cooking up even more creations together in 2021--or even in music. 

In her Instagram, Jennifer Lopez can be seen wearing a glossy gold tracksuit from Ivy Park while sitting on her couch and then looking up at the camera with a "not-to-be-messed" expression.

She completed her look with some Timberland boots, which looked really sophisticated compared to other normal circumstances. Maybe it's the J.Lo effect. 

The 51-year-old music icon even matched the couch's color perfectly, but no one can really make some jokes about that. Instead, a quick scan of the comments section would show one praise after another.

Lopez captioned the pictures with "Swaggy Saturday" and credited her fiancé, Alex Rodriguez, as the one who took the beautiful photos.

Beyonce Ivy Park Perfect for J.Lo

Lopez certainly showed that on her, any activewear can be chic.

Ivy Park is not just any activewear though. It was co-founded by Topshop owner Philip Green in 2016, but a series of sexual and racial harassment allegations made against Green in October 2018 compelled Beyonce's Parkwood Entertainment to acquire its full ownership in November 2018.

Queen B achieved another milestone with it, becoming the only African-American woman to have 100 percent ownership of an athleisure brand. 

"I took a chance on myself when I bought my company back. We all have the confidence in us to take chances and bet on ourselves," Beyonce said at the time. In April, she announced she would further reinvent the brand by collaborating with Adidas

If Jen and Beyonce will collaborate more for the brand, it's going to be so in line with the message of continued betting on oneself and constant reinvention.

The two women have shown no signs of stoppingand slowing  down depsite years in the industrt. Age sweetens life for them, which is usually the case for men only. Jennifer Lopez dresses, sings and dances to perfection all the time, and the same can be said of Beyonce. 

In an interview with Yahoo Life recently, Lopez admitted that maintaining her health and fitness regime has become extra challenging during the pandemic. However, she has been pushing on and on. 

"I've never struggled more with my health and nutrition, and I'm a pretty motivated person," she explained. "But throughout quarantine, I was just, you know, I just felt like some days I was motivated to eat well and work out. Others, I just didn't want to, I just didn't see what the point was." 

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