Selena Gomez is not happy with Facebook at all.

The 28-year-old singer claims that the social networking website is spreading fake reports about the coronavirus, which she said would have deadly consequences.

She's concerned about vaccines' reports, just as the COVID-19 vaccine is being distributed in the US.

Sharing a clip of a BBC segment that featured the CEO of Center for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH) Imi Ahmed, she said that social media companies had done nothing to stop the spread of false information that concerned vaccines and other aspects of the pandemic.


The "Wizards of Waverly Place" star reacted to the segment on Tuesday, saying, "Scientific disinformation has and will cost lives. @Facebook said they don't allow lies about COVID and vaccines to be spread on their platforms."

Twitter selena gomez
(Photo : Twitter @selenagomez)

Selena Gomez further ranted on her Twitter, "So how come all of this is still happening? Facebook is going to be responsible for thousands of deaths if they don't take action now!"

It's not the first time the Disney alum has publicly called out Facebook. She previously reacted to a report that Neo-Nazis could "sell racist products" through the site and its sister website, Instagram.

She said in a tweet, 'I'm speechless. @Facebook @Instagram, how are you tolerating this hate? There are still accounts there even though you have been notified!"

Twitter selena gomez
(Photo : Twitter @selenagomez)

A spokesperson for the social network giant told Entertainment Tonight at that time that they already took out contents that violated their policies, including "dangerous organizations."

They added, "We regularly work to improve our technology to find and remove this content faster and, while there is more work to do, we are making progress."

"We've banned over 250 white supremacist organizations from Facebook and Instagram, and remove content that praises, supports, or represents these groups whenever we find it."

Facebook also mentioned that they had removed four million "organized hate" contents on the site from July until September, "over 97% of which we found before it was reported."

In September, Selena Gomez also took to Instagram to share a screenshot of a DM she sent to Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg regarding their platform's problematic parts.

The "Lose You to Love Me" singer told them, "Facebook and Instagram are being used to spread hate, misinformation, racism, and bigotry."

"I am calling you both to HELP STOP THIS. Please shut down groups and users focused on spreading hate speech, violence, and misinformation. Our future depends on it."

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