Henry Cavill's injury caused the actor to lie low for a couple of weeks. This time, however, Cavill finally shared what he has been doing since the assault course incident happened.

On Thursday, he posted a selfie on Instagram while sporting a blue camouflage-print mask.

"We are in lockdown here the UK so I'm using my once a day outdoor exercise to go for my first jog since my hamstring injury!" Henry Cavill's Instagram caption read, referring to the injury he sustained in "The Witcher" set.

It is worth noting that a source first told The Sun about Cavill's injury. The 37-year-old actor, who plays the lead character Geralt of Rivia in the Nteflix series, suffered from a minor leg muscle injury at that time.

Although he was wearing a harness at the Arborfield Studios' assault course, his fall from over 20 feet above the ground ultimately harmed his leg.

"He just suddenly pulled up and was clearly in a lot of pain," the insider added. "It wasn't clear if an object had hit his leg or it was some sort of hamstring or muscle injury."

Although he could not walk properly afterward, Henry Cavill's workout must have helped him a lot, so much so that taking a jog is easy for him now.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the same Instagram post, the actor added that his jog was not fast and far. Despite that, he saw it as a major step toward his full recovery.

In the end, he joked about jogging to get back on the groove after gobbling wine and turkey last Christmas day.

As of writing, over 1.9 million Instagram followers saw Henry Cavill's injury update, with most of them leaving heartwarming messages for the star.

Fans Send 'Get Well Soon' Messages

Since most of Henry Cavill's movies contain action scenes, he is more at risk of sustaining such injury.

Despite that, he gets most of his strength from his fans who have always been there for him through thick and thin. One fan said, "Hi there love!!! So glad to see you are doing fine!!! Take care and stay safe love!!!"

"Good luck with your recovery. Take care and stay safe," another one added.

Though he is still in the process of recovery, "The Witcher" team reportedly continued to film without him before their holiday leave.

Postponing it because of the "Superman" star was never an option, though, as the series halted its filming twice already.

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