Lily Allen is bravely coming out with a story of her at a time when she hit "rock bottom." The singer revealed that she started feeling resentful when she supported Miley Cyrus on her "Bangerz" Tour, which made her turn to drugs and alcohol.

Lily Allen confessed she debated taking heroin when she landed in a really bad place during her 2014 supporting stint on Miley Cyrus' "Bangerz" tour, as reported by Daily Mail UK

Instead of being happy to be part of the tour, the "Smile" singer, 35 revealed that being a mere support to a younger and "more attractive" artist made her insecure.  

Speaking to DJ Fat Tony on his The Recovery podcast about her journey on sobriety, Lily Allen let slip that being a support for Miley Cyrus did some damage on her self-confidence.  Instead, she turned to drink, drugs and prostitutes because she felt that she can no longer compete in the music arena. 

This is also particulary because of the weight loss drug she took prior to the tour. 

After her weight rose to 14st, the 5′ 2″ star claimed she started to consume a drug to shed pounds fast before the "Bangerz" tour. This had a dire effect on her mental health. 

The drug sent her on a downward spiral and left her considering taking heroin to help her 'act out'. 

"I was supporting this girl who was much younger and more attractive than I felt. I was thinking: "I think I have got a drinking problem. And none of this acting out is working any more. Maybe I should try heroin"," she revealed. 

She took on the support role in the "Bangerz" tour out of financial need in the first place. She opened for Miley Cyrus at the time. It can be recalled that on countless interviews, Lily Allen said she was a massive Miley Cyrus fan and was excited to support her.

Lily Allen was with Sam Cooper from 2009 and in October the following year, their son William was stillborn at six months. The two got married in 2011 and share two daughters, Ethel and Marnie. However, they still broke up in 2018, with Allen branding Cooper as "selfish." 

Because she had to provide for her kids, she headed on the Bargerz tour for the money, but did not feel completely ready. This was why it was so easy for her to suddenly feel insecure about the younger artist, she revealed.

While Miley Cyrus looked to be on her prime, Lily Allen allegedly felt inadequate. 

"It was when she was doing Wrecking Ball - it was a highly sexualised tour. I had just spent the last three years pushing babies out. It couldn't have been less what I felt like. I had never supported anyone....." she explained, via Daily Mail UK. 

She turned to alcohol, even cheated on Sam, and then started to consider taking heroin. She said consdering heroin was the last straw for her - a signal to herself that she had to change.

Lily Allen claimed she realized it was time to seek help for her ever-growing demons.  

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