Tiger Woods reportedly "never hit the brakes" during the car accident that landed him in two Los Angeles-area hospitals for three weeks before returning home to South Florida this week.

According to TMZ Sports, the latest details from the investigation indicates Woods was driving "normally" until shortly before the accident, and there's "no suggestion he took his foot off the gas."

 "So far, we're told investigators believe Tiger did nothing to prevent the crash once he lost control of the vehicle," TMZ reported.

Since the crash nearly a month ago, the probe has been in full swing. The SUV, the crash site, and numerous other pieces of evidence have all been examined by the Sheriff's Department. They're still getting information from the black box in the SUV. 

"We're told before Tiger got to the scene of the crash he had been driving "normal" and not speeding, but the evidence indicates he accelerated and was speeding when he lost control," TMZ added.

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