Even Jessica Simpson failed to prevent herself from contracting the dreaded coronavirus.

Simpson spoke about her COVID-19 journey for the first time and how it affected her life last year.

Through her Instagram account, Simpson shared the first look of the cover image for her "Take the Lead" essay for Amazon Original Stories.

Aside from telling her life story, she also discussed the time she was tested positive for COVID-19.

She wrote in the caption, "We have all been handed challenges and fears in our lives that, at times, felt like too much to overcome. This past year has been especially intense for me and so many of you."


Simpson then revealed that she began writing the essay as soon as she found out about her diagnosis.

The 40-year-old "Take My Breath Away" hitmaker opted to start having conversations with her fans instead of lurking away from everyone.

"I felt strong, resilient, and God- inspired through my pen teaching me as I was sharing with you ways to get to the other side of fear," she went on.

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Although she confirmed that she tested positive for the virus, she failed to mention when exactly the heartbreaking incident happen. Her possible symptoms were not also mentioned in the essay nor if she ever exposed herself to her family.

Her new essay will be available online starting April 29.

Jessica Simpson on Surviving the COVID-19 Pandemic

Although she only revealed the diagnosis only this year, the singer has actually been so open about her experiences both as an artist and a mother amid the pandemic.

This week, she detailed how life is currently going living with her children while trying to work continuously.

Simpson told People how hard it is to "multitask."

"I definitely had to multitask on a whole new level this year, between my kids being in school on Zoom and being a working mom, keeping the Jessica Simpson Collection running remotely and pushing through inspired ideas that became endless and so many rewarded all while keeping my family smiling," she narrated.

She shares three children with her husband Eric Johnson - Birdie Mae, Maxwell Drew, and Ace Knute.

She added that there were moments last year where she was just emotional and left feeling overwhelmed. Fortunately, she got through them and survived the problems in her life.

The coronavirus pandemic continues to affect the global economy and other systems. Still, there are already available vaccines most people received already.

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