Fans have been concerned that Hajime Isayama will offer Attack on Titan Chapter 139 a Game of Thrones-style ending. Despite the fact that the leaks are yet to be authenticated, they have already acknowledged it as the final conclusion.

According to BlockToro, both manga and anime fans are disappointed with how the series can end. Some say that the mangaka creates the finale in such a "evil" way that it rivals the hit HBO series.

Attack on Titan Chapter 139 Release Date

On Friday, April 9, Attack on Titan Chapter 139 will come to a close.

There's a question on whether the manga should end on a happier note, according to Comicbook. For more than 11 years, fans have been watching the film.

It's not only one of Japan's most famous series; it's also one of the market's most "ambitious manga." With so many readers around the world, many are expecting Attack on Titan Chapter 139 to be a fitting conclusion.

Fans expect it to stay true to its dark fantasy roots. Even if a happy ending isn't needed, some fans still want their favorite characters to thrive and triumph.

The manga's final chapter is a make-or-break chapter, and some say it has ruined a brilliant plot. With the dissatisfaction of the fanbase, it appears that Isayama's status as the greatest mangaka of all time is about to change.

It's safe to assume that not everyone will be pleased with the conclusion of Attack on Titan Chapter 139, but fans hope that it will be satisfying at the very least. The manga's last few chapters seem to go in the wrong direction, similar to how Game of Thrones Season 8 started.

The manga's conclusion was compared by fans to a fairy tale story that ends happily ever after. Though there is nothing wrong with it, Hajime and his masterpiece are known for their brutal and dark themes, so a happy ending isn't appropriate.

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AOT Chapter 139 Leaked Chapter

Eren and Armin converse in the Paths in the leaked final chapter. They fight again, and this time Armin comes out on top.

In Attack on Titan Chapter 139, they collapse and gaze at the water before hugging and saying their final goodbyes. He sees a weeping Mikasa when he wakes up and comforts her.

The pure Titans all revert to human form. The curse has been lifted, and everything seems to be in order. Jean and Connie will see Hange and other dead scouts, while Levi will see Sasha.

Armin takes care of the series' final problem, while Mikasa takes the lead. She leads everyone to the Fort, and the manga ends there.

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