After Prince Philip's funeral, the public spotted Kate Middleton fulfilling her duties as a mother of three.

On Monday, reports revealed that the Duchess of Cambridge went out with Prince George and Princess Charlotte to shop.

The family reportedly visited a store on King's Road wherein Kate taught the two some budgeting hacks. The same place became the favorite spot of the royal couple when they were still dating.

Meanwhile, The Sun claimed that onlookers saw the little ones paid for their things using their own pocket money. Though they just lost their great grandfather, the royals need to continue their lives as students and royal.

"I've always been a Kate Middleton fan... today she was in one of my stores on the Kings Road with George and Charlotte, what the team told me about how she was with them and how the kids were with each other makes me like her even more!" a store staff named Alexa said.

She added that seeing them do things like ordinary people "looked so lovely."

Since the beginning, Kate has been known for keeping her children's lives as normal as possible. Aside from usual shopping, the children join normal family trips in the past years.

Kate Middleton's Parenting Skills

As the mother of future heirs to the throne, Kate surely knows how to teach them to be well-behaved. She even dedicates herself to teaching them during homeschooling.

In a report posted by Hello! Magazine, the Duchess expressed how tough it is for her to homeschool her three royal children.

"I think as parents you've the day-to-day elements of being a parent, but I suppose during lockdown we have had to take on additional roles that perhaps others in our communities, or in our lives would have perhaps supported us and helped us with," Kate said.

She also revealed that she became a hairdresser, too, to keep the children's hairs well-groom.

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Meanwhile, in a separate interview with Giovanna Fletcher on "Happy Mum Happy Baby," Prince William's wife said that she also feels some guilt sometimes.

Despite that, Kate dedicates her life to being a hands-on mother. With that said, she always makes sure that she does the best job on anything for her children.

Things got pretty tough during lockdown since, as a mother and a wife of a future King, Kate needed to go through ups and downs. Nonetheless, she manages to overcome them all with the help of Prince William.

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