J-Rod Split: The Heartbreaking Reason Why Jennifer Lopez, Alex Rodriguez Split Finally Revealed

Alex Rodriguez, Jennifer Lopez

The blooming J-Rod tandem came to an end after Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez broke up.

This month, Lopez and Rodriguez released a joint statement announcing their break up.

"We have realized we are better as friends and look forward to remaining so," they said via NBC. "We will continue to work together and support each other on our shared businesses and projects."

During that time, they did not disclose further details about the reason behind the split. However, after a week, the heartbreaking revelation came to the spotlight.

Reason Behind Jennifer Lopez, Alex Rodriguez's Break Up

A close friend of the 51-year-old pop singer revealed to People that Lopez insisted on the breakup since the couple had many unresolved issues.

"She has been pretty miserable and didn't think it was in her best interests to stay with Alex," the source said.


In addition, the insider disclosed how the actress lost her trust in her beau even after they released a separate joint statement in March. For what it's worth, they mentioned at that time that they were working on their relationship before debunking that the rumored split was inaccurate.

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Apart from their personal issues, another source informed the magazine that the former couple preferred spending more time as a family. However, they lost that spark since they saw each other every day.

Despite their breakup, Lopez still sent lovely birthday wishes to Rodriguez's daughter Ella. The NFL player also shared his tribute for his daughter, who turned 13.

Jennifer Lopez Did Everything To Make It Work

In a separate article, another source divulged another sad part of Lopez and Rodriguez' relationship.

According to Entertainment Tonight's source, the "Hustlers" actress tried her best to make everything work and not waste her two-year engagement with Rodriguez. However, everything was not making her happy anymore.

"She knew it was time to let go. There were issues when it came to wedding plans and trust issues that she couldn't get past," the source said.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the former love birds had to reschedule their marriage multiple times. The two also got busy with their career that they seemingly failed to give time to wedding planning already.

In March 2019, Alex Rodriguez finally popped the question to J. Lo and received "Yes" in return. The recent breakup reportedly affected their children, too.

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