Jesy Nelson speaks out for the first time after leaving Little Mix late last year.

The remaining three members— Perrie Edwards, Jade Thirdwall, Leigh-Anne Pinnock will carry on as a trio.

The pop star's exit comes as a shock to fans from all over the world as the girl group announced her departure on December, the remaining three issued a statement saying: "After nine years together Jesy has made the decision to leave Little Mix... This is an incredibly sad time for all of us but we are fully supportive of Jesy."

Why did Jesy Nelson left?

According to her statement via Instagram post, the 29-year-old singer has been grateful for the group's success but being in a band affected her mental health: "The truth is being in the band has really taken a toll on my mental health. I find the constant pressure of being in a girl group and living up to expectations very hard." Nelson wrote.

She also tackled the issue of bullying in her BBC documentary "Odd One Out", the popstar had mentioned that people bullied her on social media because of her physical appearance and weight which lead to her overdose " (Check out the clip from the documentary below)

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Can we expect a future collaboration with Little Mix?

It seems like we won't be seeing Jesy Nelson catching up or even collaborating with her former bandmates anytime soon. A source close to the popstar told The Sun that he has not been keeping in touch with the trio for months now stating: "The plan was always to stay in touch but that just hasn't happened because Jesy didn't want it. She wants to sever ties and start again - that seems to be both professionally and personally."

Little Mix has been nominated for a BRIT Award as Best British Group, even though Nelson was a member during the period when the band was nominated, it is unlikely to see her team up with the girls on the awards show which will air next week.

Living a healthy lifestyle and a clear mental headspace after leaving

Nelson has been recovering from her issues in the past, in a recent Cosmopolitan UK interview, the singer stated that she's been happily wearing clothes that she wanted to wear: "I can genuinely wear what I want to wear. Before, I was wearing what I thought I should wear, because I was too frightened to wear certain things incase I looked bigger than the others... I feel free." Nelson stated

The singer also mentioned that she's been having a good mental headspace and felt free after leaving the group: "This is life." Since I've left, I feel free. I don't wakeup with anxiety, thinking, "I've got to do a music video today, I need to starve myself." Or, "I need to go on an extreme diet so I can look like the other three." That was consuming me." the popstar added.

The former Little Mix member proved that she recovered from her issues regarding physical appearance as she was seen wearing revealing outfits and having a new hairstyle, she's also been posting regularly on Instagram. 

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