19-Year Old pop star Billie Eilish is finally heading out on the road after the pandemic canceled her recent world tour due to the pandemic. Read along for some information on how to secure your tickets to see Billie Eilish herself.

Grammy-winning singer Billie Eilish has announced the dates for her upcoming world tour to support her forthcoming album 'Happier Than Ever.' According to Express UK, Billie Eilish was forced to cancel her last world tour due to the COVID-19 pandemic, leaving many of her fans. She has not been out of work since that time. However, she is releasing her newest album, Happier Than Ever, later in July 2021.


Variety reported that the singer announced on Friday that her long-delayed arena tour would kick off on February 3. Here is the information regarding the much-awaited concert.

How Much Are The Tickets For Billie Eilish's Happier Than Ever 2022?

And as of the moment, only some places have their prices revealed, while other fans have no choice but to wait until the presale opens.

Billie is only performing in five cities in the UK. Other than that, Belfast, London, and Glasgow ticket pricing are unconfirmed as of the day of writing.

The musician's two gigs in Manchester prices start at £46.30, and end at over £100 per person, while her Birmingham gig has tickets starting at £39, with top prices of nearly £90.

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Where To Get The Tickets For Billie Eilish's Happier Than Ever 2022?

Reminding that the tickets are not yet up for sale, the presale begins later this week before the general sale starts for all dates on May 28.

The Glasgow shows, Album presale, O2 priority, and SSE presale begin at 9 am on May 26. The gigs held in Scotland start on May 27 at 9 am, and all of these end at 9:35 am on May 28.

Tickets for the Birmingham show go on O2 presale at 9am on May 26, then past bookers presale are available from May 27 at 9 am, both ending at 9 am on May 28.

For the four London shows, only a past bookers presale will be up from 9 am on May 27, which ends at 9 am on May 28, and for the two Manchester shows, noting there is also a past bookers presale at the same time.

Manchester fans can also book via O2 priority and album presale, all of which goes live at 9 am on May 26, ending at 9 am on May 28.

Finally, Belfast shows have SSE and album presale from 9 am on May 26 until 9 am on May 28. For those who choose MCD, the presale starts from 9 am on May 27 but ending simultaneously as the other presale options.

General sales for all of the concerts go on sale at 10 am on May 28.

Tickets for all dates, bar London, are being sold by Ticketmaster and See Tickets, while London tickets are available via AXS.

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