Shaquan King, the man who allegedly entered the premises of Kendall Jenner's property without permission, gets two months of jail time.

According to TMZ, King took a plea deal on Tuesday, he pleads no contest to 1 count of trespassing and another count of loitering with the intent of committing crime. The alleged trespasser gets 180 days of jail time.

He was sentenced after an incident that happened in March. King went to the "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" star's home and knocked at her windows while shouting her name at 2AM.

He also went for a swim while naked at Kendall's own swimming pool before security detained him until authorities showed up. According to reports, Jenner was at home at the time of the incident but in a safe part of the house.

King was later arrested for misdemeanor trespassing and spent only six hours in jail, he was released because of COVID protocols. In a different report, a source told TMZ that additional armed security was added to her home but she later moved to a safer location with more armed security and is not planning to return . It is not clear if Jenner has plans to sell the house in the future.

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Jenner was granted a restraining order against King and is not allowed to make any form of contact with her mom Kris, and sister Kylie as Daquan had also showed up at Kylie's house just a day and a half following the skinny-dipping incident, he was then arrested for felony stalking.

During the time of the incident, Kendall was also facing a horrendous death threat. A man named Malik Bower had allegedly traveled across the country so he could kill Jenner before killing himself, the man was later held on a mental facility.

The alleged stalkers mentioned above are not the only life-threatening incident that Kendall faced. In 2018, a man allegedly got into Kendall's property twice and he was also seen in Jenner's pool. The man was later deported to Canada.

Kendall did not showed up in all the hearings for the alleged stalking incident but was represented by her attorneys. She did not publicly addressed the issue.

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