The 15-second commercial features each member of the international group saying one-liners and introducing what comes with your BTS Meal.

The Number One Food Collaboration of 2021 has finally arrived. #BTSMeal began trending globally today as Twitter users spread the newest BTS Meal ad from Mcdonald's Malaysia. According to The National News, the McDonald's full BTS meal includes 10-piece chicken nuggets, World Famous Fries, Coke, and two of their specially created spicy dipping sauces- Sweet Chilli and Cajun.

Simultaneously, Mcdonald's also teamed up with BTS for various merchandise, and the preview included an illustrated video teaser on Twitter.

Hybe Merch first announced the BTS X McDonald's Collaboration through a tweet with a caption saying "One fine day, just chillin' with friends..." and included the hashtags #BTSxMcD and #DidYouFindThemAll.  

The tweet also had the date and time of the official release and the official website to order. It will become available on May 26 at 7 PM (EST) at The Weverse Shop USA, which is only accessible through a mobile application.

McDonald's Most Recent Celebrity Collaboration Will Be Available Nationwide Starting May 26

The new BTS meal sauces were inspired by famous McDonald's recipes catered towards customers from South Korea but are made available worldwide but only for a limited time, according to USA Today.  

The BTS meal will be available nationwide starting May 26 in the USA and several countries, including Austria, Bahamas, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Malaysia, and many more. USA customers can avail the BTS Meal along with the sauces until June 20.

The Korean superstars are the first celebrity meal collaboration from a fast-food restaurant made available worldwide. Almost 50 countries can purchase this special meal in the following days of May and throughout June.  

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Get The New BTS Meal Sauces- Sweet Chilli and Cajun! Available at Your Nearest McDonald's Location

McDonald's signature order rebrands itself as the BTS meal with the addition of the Sweet Chilli and Cajun sauce options!

Complete with a new look, the BTS meal is stored in a newly designed packaging honoring the BTS fanbase's colors but with a fiery twist. Similar to the previous Mcdonald's celebrity menu, the BTS Meal collaboration is accessible to all US citizens at every McDonald's branch nearest to you.

You can order your own BTS meal for the price of only $7 at the restaurant, through drive-thrus, the McDonald's app using a mobile device, or the fast food-chains delivery service McDelivery. This time around, McDonald's is hopefully more prepared for any ingredient shortages that might occur since the Travis Scott collaboration.

Check the new BTS Meal McDonald's Ad Here:

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