The queens are back (for a second or third chance)! "RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars" will finally have its much-awaited sixth season.

Earlier today, RPDR took to Twitter and YouTube to "RuVeal" the cast for the upcoming season. Is your favorite queen on the list?

Besides dazzling gowns and talented queens, Drag Race is also known for extravagant themes of their promos. This season of all-stars opted for a sunset-themed photo/video shoot with the color palette of orange, yellow, and pink.


Fans were shocked when the cast was revealed to have 13 queens competing for the crown because past all-stars season only have 10 contestants. Find out the queens below!

Kylie Sonique Love

Kylie, popularly known as Sonique on her season, was a 9th placer on season 2 of the original drag race season. She's known for her splits and revealing outfits. She is also the first drag race queen to come out as a trans woman.

Yara Sofia

Yara made it to the final 4 of season 3. She is known for her quirky and loud personality as well as her grunge and edgy style. This is the third time Yara will be competing for the crown as she already appeared on season 3 and the first season of all-stars where she was paired with Alexis Mateo.

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Serena ChaCha

Serena is not really favored by fans, she was often bashed online because of her sassy attitude during the show. She only lasted for two episodes during season 6 and even had an argument with all of the queens in "Untucked" (a behind-the-scenes series for the show). Serena had made it clear that she was very young when she competed and she's going to prove that her personality and style had improve for this season.

Jiggly Caliente

Jiggly has made a name for herself after appearing on season six where she came in 8th place. She has then appeared on TV shows like "Pose" and "Broad City. Jiggly, whose real name is Bianca Castro, came out as a trans woman in 2016


Jan also came in 8th place during season 12 which aired just last year. Prior to appearing on the show, she is already a well-known queen not just in New York City but also around the US as she competed on "The Voice" and "America's Got Talent" alongside her drag sisters Rose, and Lagoona Blue.

Pandora Boxx

Pandora won the Miss Congenialty title on season 3, she only placed fifth on the show but she managed to leave a lasting impression after her remarkable impersonation of Carol Channing on "Snatch Game" (a challenge on the show where contestants are required to impersonate celebrities.)

Trinity K. Bonet

Fans have been asking for years for Trinity to appear on all-stars, she has finally accepted the invitation. Considered as a front-runner and a "lipsync assasin", Trinity placed seventh on Season 6 of drag race.


Formerly known as "Eureka O'Hara", this is the third time Eureka will compete for the crown. She was forced to exit the show on season 9 after a knee injury but RuPaul had given her an open invitation to season 10 which she accepted.

Ginger Minj

A comedy queen with a classic "pageant" style drag, Ginger returns for the third time to compete. She tied for second place on the seventh season of Drag Race, she also appeared on all-stars season 2 where she placed eight.

Silky Nutmeg Ganache

She is known for her very big personality as she asked Miley Cyrus to ride on her back during the first episode of season 11. Silky managed to appear on the finale but failed to win the crown.

Ra'Jah O'Hara

Ra'Jah had a fair share of drama during season 11 and fans can't wait to see what she's brought this time. She is known for her sassy attitude that conflicted her and the other queens. She managed to lipsync for three times until being eliminated.

Scarlet Envy

Scarlett is a fan favorite during season 11. She is undoubtedly a talented queen but she admits that she's not a dancer so when the time came and their challenge was a dance routine, she failed. She was head-to-head with co-contestant Ra'Jah and was eventually eliminated.

A'Keria C. Davenport

She is a legacy as the Davenport drag family is known for their insane dance skills as well as being competitive when it comes to pageants. A'Keria appeared on season 11 and managed to make it to the finale alongside Silky.


"RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 6" can be watched via Paramount Plus. The first episode will premiere on June 24. It is not yet announced whether this season will also appear on Netflix as the past seasons are accessible on the app.


Drag Race has a history of information getting leaked in the past, the upcoming season is no exception. We will not include the elimination order of this season but we will only reveal the challenges. All of the information stated is based on Reddit's popular thread Spoiled Drag Race

According to a photo that was shared countless of times on the app as well as other community websites. The challenges for this season is pretty predictable as it was also shown in the past seasons.

The first episode will be an "All Stars Varierty Show" where queens will showcase their talent, followed by an acting challenge. The third episode will be the "Rusical" where the contestant will be challenged of their singing abilities.

A decoration challenge will also have a comeback after it was last seen on All Stars 4. The ever-popular "Snatch Game" is also on the list.

Other challenges expected are "Ruvange of the Queens!", commercial challenge where they're expected to sell their personal brand, stand-up comedy challenge, makeover challenge, and a ball challenge.

All Stars is a spin-off show of the original reality TV competition "RuPaul's Drag Race" where former contestants are given a chance to compete for a second and third time.

Past winners that was inducted in the "All Stars Hall of Fame" are Chad Michaels, Alaska Thunderf*ck, Trixie Mattel, Trinity Taylor and Monet X Change (who tied on season 4), and the reigning queen Shea Coulee.

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