Kim Kardashian and her kids were not excused from catching the dreaded COVID-19 virus.

The teaser for Thursday's episode of "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" revealed that Saint West tested positive for the virus. However, when the whole episode came out, Kim surprised the viewers even more with a more shocking revelation.

In the recent video, the KKW Beauty mogul disclosed that she and all her kids actually received a COVID-19 diagnosis.

"I'm just like, stressing a little bit because my kids woke up and one of them had a runny nose, and no other symptoms. So, not a big deal," she said.

She made the big reveal while preparing a birthday gift for her mother, Kris Jenner. To ensure that the virus would not make its way any further, she all took health precautions.


Unfortunately, all her kids already caught the virus, as well. Over the phone, the "KUWTK" star told the doctor that Saint tested positive for the virus but did not have major symptoms. However, the kid suffered from a fever.

How Kim Kardashian, Kids Catch the Virus

During the episode's confessional, Kim revealed that she tests her children on a weekly basis since they attend a pod school.

Despite the cautionary measure, Saint was exposed to someone positive at school. Upon receiving the news, her son reportedly cried and cough on her.

Meanwhile, her 7-year-old daughter felt sick soon after she slept with her. North tested positive for the virus, but she assured everyone to test her again.

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Things got even worse as the unfortunate health issue came when Kim was supposed to begin her 12-hour study sessions with a tutor. The media personality was scheduled to undergo a law examination for the second time. She particularly failed to pass the first-year Law Students Examination for California, also known as the baby bar.

Their positive test results ended up shutting down the KUWTK production for two weeks.

Following the news, a new report started questioning her statements since she once debunked that she and her family caught the virus.

Kim retweeted a BuzzFeedNews article on Twitter and clarified that no one else got the virus except for Saint. During that time, they attended an extremely controversial birthday trip which could possibly be the source of the virus.

But finally, she clarified that they got it from Saint and not from anyone else.

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