Disney's 'Descendants' actress Dove Cameron spoke about how she has been hinting about her sexuality for years and she was not sure if she would be accepted if she came out as queer.

In a new interview with Gay Times, the former Disney Channel star shared that she was worried people would never believe her, but she is glad she can now serve as an inspiration for her fans.

She has been keeping busy with her acting roles under HBO, the CW's live-action for The Powerpuff Girls, and even a musical comedy TV series with Apple TV+. Other than that, Cameron's music career will start once again.

Dove Cameron Talks On Facing Accusations And Recalls Times She Hinted Of Coming Out In Public

As the ex-Disney star stepped away from Hollywood glamour, the actress emphasized her need to find and understand herself more after going through a long-term breakup.

However, upon facing a situation in which she was accused of "queerbaiting," she decided it was time to publicly acknowledge her sexuality for the world to be known. The TV star opened up about her sexuality on an Instagram Live last year.

"I've hinted about my sexuality for years while being afraid to spell it out for everybody," she explained. "Maybe I haven't said it, but I'm super queer. This is something I want to represent through my music because it's who I am," she added after claiming that her lyric video released in 2020 called 'We Belong' where it had line drawings of people falling in love.

With that concept in mind, the 25-Year old found that a man and a woman making out was "a weird moment" for her. Just as that, she asked the producers to add in couples of different orientations, resulting in the release of the lyric video.

Dove added, "Ever since then, I've had such an unbelievable relationship with my fans and we have this very safe space that we've created." She said that there have been a lot of fans who have come out to her as well and how it was such a non-issue for her that she claimed: "it wasn't a big announcement," and this topic is something that she never really spoke about much.

"It was like here I am and here I always have been," Dove concluded.

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Dove Cameron In The Process Of Coming Out And Loving Herself After Breakup With Thomas Doherty


According to E! News, Dove, who beforehand dated the Gossip Girl reboot star Thomas Doherty, as well as her Liv and Maddie co-star Ryan McCartan, added that "I'm not a label person, but I would say that I am queer and that's probably my most accurate way to represent myself."

After her break up with Doherty, she emphasized how she closed another big chapter of her life, "I found it hard. I was having a hard time stepping back into my power and focusing on where I was," she said.

As the interview ends, having the chance to come out for the rest of the world to know, Dove Cameron, a queer, said, "I'm choosing to love myself, to be who I am every day and not edit myself depending on the room that I'm in."

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