The CW has decided that they will not be premiering the pilot episode of "Powerpuff" in the fall as they decided to revise the show.

The network's show is still very much alive. According to E! News, the cast and creative team are staying the same. Dove Cameron as Bubbles, Chloe Bennet as Blossom, Yana Perrault as Buttercup, and Donald Faison as Professor Utonium will still star in the project, following the present-day generation of the former Powerpuff Girls in their 20s who have to decide if they're going to reunite.

The show generated significant interest from when it was first reported as being in development and was seen as a strong contender for a pickup going into pilot season.

Netizens Mention What Went Wrong With The 'Powerpuff Girls Pilot' And Why It Deserves A Rework

Variety says that the network will rework the project somehow and reshoot the pilot "off-cycle," meaning it won't be a part of The CW's regular fall season but could still be picked up in the future.

So, this means that the show will still be getting another opportunity to redo their work and come up with something better. The public still has no idea about what its plot is going to be. However, everyone on the internet was concerned about how this would work on a tonal level, resulting in the CW recalibrating the show.

Just as the show's behind the scenes were revealed in early April, social media have gone overboard with their thoughts on the show, which would probably be the reason why the spin-off will be getting a reshoot.

The outfits that the characters wore and some mentions that the show misrepresents characters from the original.

A lot of netizens have also said that they have a huge hate on live-action spin offs which would result in remaking something that is completely different from the original.

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The Network CW Announces Changes In Shows Including Cancelling The Black Lightning spinoff Painkiller And Rework On Spin-Off Shows

The CW is also still working on the Nancy Drew spinoff about Tom Swift, who only just made his debut as a character on Nancy Drew, played by Tian Richards. That pilot only has a script and has not yet been produced, and it very well could still be picked up as a series.

Warner Bros. TV Group President Channing Dungey has opted not to proceed with the Black Lightning spinoff Painkiller. It is noted that Painkiller "also came in really solidly" but not solid enough to invest in, while Naomi is still going forward. While Black Lightning will have its closing, hopefully, the success will translate into something in the comic book world.

The CW has been good to most of their shows even if this incarnation of the PPG isn't perfect, so in the end, get yourself ready for these changes as we meet the PPG of today in national television soon.

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