Simon Cowell is getting back to business following his electronic bike accident last year.

According to The Sun, Simon Cowell is tired of rivaling his shows such as "America's Got Talent," "Britain's Got Talent" and "The X Factor" against "The Voice" that he is going to face another competition - and that is himself.

The outlet's source explained that the 61-year-old music-industry titan is already "weighing up his options," that he's also even considering to air it to a streaming platform such as Netflix.

"Simon has told friends he is sick of competitors trying to out-do the brand, so he decided he would do it himself."

They added, "Simon is constantly thinking creatively of new ideas and shows, innovating and evolving all the time."

"He's vowed that his next show will be bigger and better than BGT."

Is Simon Cowell Moving His Talent Shows To Netflix?

Simon Cowell, who is responsible for the success of One Direction, Little Mix, and many more, is also said to be very keen to work with Netflix.

The source added how Simon Cowell "has a big vision" while streaming platforms including Netflix reportedly "have hundreds of millions on their coffers to help make it a reality."

Being the person responsible for some of the century's most successful entertainment formats, the source also shared that streaming platform bosses should be desperate to bring Simon in to perform some magic on their platform.

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The Secret to Simon Cowell's Successful Business

Simon's success has followed him over the years and has never really experienced any disappointment.

Per the source, the music mogul has a secret.

"Simon never rests on his laurels. He is constantly thinking creatively of new ideas and shows, innovating and evolving all the time."

They added, "It is one of the secrets of his huge success over the years."

Simon Cowell After His Bike Accident

Simon Cowell was supposed to make an appearance as a judge on "The X Factor Israel," however, he canceled for "his reasons."

Per Variety, members of Simon's team have already reached out to the show "with legitimate concerns" over his guests, especially with the ongoing geopolitical conflict with Palestine and Israel.

He already returned to the "America's Got Talent" judging panel after breaking his bike in a terrifying accident last year.

He had to undergo a six-hour surgery where doctors inserted a rod in his back.

After the accident and the surgery, Simon Cowell was doing well enough that he even shared a message to his fans on his social media pages.

Because of his injuries, however, he was forced to miss out on "America's Got Talent" last year but as of now, Simon is doing just fine.

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