Trigger warning: body shaming

When a celebrity is in the public eye, everybody notices everything, and Olivia Rodrigo is no exception. Over the weekend, the 18-year-old singer received a handful of criticisms for her appearance.

Recently, Rodrigo took to her Instagram account to post a photo showing off an outfit. She can be seen wearing a short plaid dress and a pair of towering platform boots. She captioned the post with "all I did was try my best," which is an excerpt from her song "Brutal".

Although the photo does not mean any harm, numerous critics took to the comment section and Twitter to point out the body.

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Olivia Rodrigo Body Shamed

"Is this edited? She looks extremely thin. sickly thin" one critic wrote.

One critic even told the singer that she's promoting anorexia, "promoting the anorexia to the young audience" one user wrote, "tell her to eat something then," the same user added.

Short after negative comments circulated around social media, Olivia's fans, dubbed as "Livies", came to the singer's defence.

"Yall sayin @Olivia_Rodrigo is skinny n she gotta eat. Like it's none of yo damn business. Cant yall just leave her alone 4 once?! Is that too much to ask? Shes f*ckin human, n yes, she maybe skinny, but who gives a f, shes hot shes eating she looks healthy! PERIODT Disgusted by yall" a fan tweeted

"Livies' Come to the Rescue

"People saying Olivia Rodrigo is "too skinny" or even worse, an*rexic OBVIOUSLY have forgotten that she's ONLY EIGHTEEN!!!!! She's still a teenager. Her body is still changing. Leave her alone." anther user wrote.

Fans had also pointed out the singer's age saying that online critics should stop attacking a teenager, "people commenting on olivia rodrigo's weight doesn't sit right with me.. she's literally a teenager?? at that age you're literally still growing lol" one fan posted.

Although her recent Instagram post created a huge debate on her physical appearance, Olivia Rodrigo has not publicly addressed the recent criticisms about her at the time of this writing. 

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