Beauty mogul and YouTube personality Jeffree Star is notoriously known for being a part of dramas and controversies involving people from the beauty community.

Although he had already apologized countless of times in the past, the online world has continued to drag him. In the present, the "Jeffree Star Cosmetics" CEO is reclaiming his name and promises to be a better person for good.

In a recent interview with E! Online, the beauty vlogger clears his name after a series of feuds that occurred these past years, Star claims that he's over it and "that's just not really me anymore".

He explained that he has been involved with a lot of drama and fans has always depicted him as the firestarter even though he is not the root cause of a certain issue. The multi-millionaire also stated that it was just him entertaining the controversies where he acted childish and stupid which he regrets.

A self-confessed "Regina George" of the beauty community, Jeffree claims that he is now stepping away from that character after some "self-reflection"

Today, he said that he's focused on the positive side of things and is currently in a good mental headspace compared in the past.

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A series of drama

Jeffree had gotten into a feud with not just one online personality but a lot of it. One of his known issues is his fight with ex-best friend Kat Von D after his name was still used for a certain lipstick shade being sold by her. Jeffree then lashed out accusing Kat of profiting off his name.

The self-made millionaire had also made some distasteful comments about sisters Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian. He called Jenner out on Twitter for allegedly copying his lipstick packaging on her "Kylie Cosmetics" beauty brand.

He also expressed his disappointment on Kim's line of face powder saying it "looks like chalk"

Who could forget the infamous "Dramageddon" that went down between James Charles and Tati Westbrook? Even though Star was not directly involved in the issue, he decided to jump in and sided with Tati claiming that Charles is "a danger to society."

He later on apologized to James saying that he "mishandled" their friendship and he will never do it again.

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