Gordon Ramsay finally saw a fan-made dish that could make him cry.

This week, Ramsay stitched his reaction to a TikTok video where a cook tried his beef Wellington recipe. The 54-year-old recorded the hilarious reaction as he watched the short clip.

"Followed my #beefwellington recipe? Mate you've brought me to tears," he wrote in the caption.

The video, which was posted by @succhefful showed how the cook combined deli meats and mustard into a loaf of bread before putting it inside the microwave.

After the timer stopped, the TikTok user cut it and plated the meat next to a blob of Heinz ketchup. The TikTok user even said that they followed the chef's beef Wellington recipe and turned out great.

   @gordonramsayofficial #stitch with @succhefful followed my #beefwellington recipe ? Mate you’ve brought me to tears #ramsayreacts #tiktokcooks  ♬ original sound - Gordon Ramsay     

However, the "Hell's Kitchen" host began sobbing loudly soon after he saw the butchered recipe. As of the writing, it already gained nearly 5 million likes and 50,000 shares.

Previously, Ramsay shared to People what he thinks of the culinary talents on the video-sharing platform.

Per the renowned British chef, some young TikTok users already impressed him with their talents. However, he also bumps into the worst ones sometimes.

"People are putting rib-eye steaks in toasters! They're doing the most ridiculous things with ice coffees! It's crazy," he said.

Another Epic Fail Beef Wellington Recipe?!

Aside from the recent butchered recipe, Ramsay also saw another beef Wellington attempt back in December.

In the video, the "Ramsay in 10" cookbook author kept on commenting on the TikTok user's failed cooking recipe. The guy created a meat tree out of Wellington which did not impress him. The TikTok user also topped it with top filet minion and gold leaf, making it more unappetizing for Ramsay.

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Meanwhile, the celebrity chef once compiled the worst videos under the hashtag #RamsayReacts. He started the trend in July and challenged his fans to let him comment on their recipes.

As of the writing, the hashtag already surpassed billions of views.

Among those videos, Ramsay selected one cooking video that horrified him the most.

In an interview with Insider, he said that the ice cream sandwich one left him silent the most.

"There's this one guy that sandwiched two bars of chocolate together with a big lump of ice cream and then tried to say it was a healthy snack," Gordon Ramsay said. "I mean, you could feel your arteries clogging up."

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