What is happening to Billie Eilish? After being caught in a so-called queerbaiting video scandal, some videos of her mocking Asians, Chinese specifically surfaced. They may not be taken now, but it certainly put off a lot of her fans. 

While Billie Eilish is not one to care about how fans perceive her, it is an entirely different story altogether when fans hate her not because she looks a certain way or because of her singing, but because of her questionable and even hurtful behaviors. Can she afford to ignore these? 

A TikTok video shared by user @lcxvy on Monday has compiled several video clips of the 19-year-old singer saying the offensive word 'ch*nk," Most people know that this is a derogatory term for people of Chinese descent. It is unclear when exactly these incidents took place since the clips are essentially un-dated.

It's also unclear who took them - it could very well be Eilish's own friends. 

Billie Eilish Cancelled for Being Grossly Racist? 

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One of the clips showed Billie appearing to mock an Asian accent. Later on, her brother Finneas would call her out for speaking with a "black accent."

Gone are the days when such behaviors are considered funny, let alone acceptable, especially from a public figure like Billie Eilish, despite her being young. 

While many fans of the singer were left shocked that their idol can be this rude, with some claiming she should indeed be "cancelled," others attributed the content on Billie having Tourette syndrome. This condition can cause involuntary tics and, therefore, have some impact on the way that a person speaks. 

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The problem is that when Billie revealed in 2018 that she has the disorder, she clarified herself that she has physical tics and not verbal ones. 

Meanwhile, some fans could not care less if she has tics or not, claiming her racial slurs are one reason why Asians all over the world are now being discriminated against, mainly because the pandemic is being blamed on the Chinese. 

One disillusioned fan wrote, "no longer fan of billie eilish after she mocked asians and there accents. shes so f****ed up , thats why so much asian hate if covid 19 hasnt made ppl nuts already ppl stil ldisrespect based on culture and ethnicity now'; ' I liked her [so much] I'm so disappointed."

Some said her behavior is simply gross.

Eilish Queerbaiting During Pride Month? 

The controversy comes just days after Billie found herself in the middle of a queer-baiting scandal. In a video of her having fun with some girls for her "Lost Cause" video, one commented that she is trying to bait queer girls by acting sexual with other girls. This behavior is said to be gross, and disappointing. 

Others wanted to believe that she is supporting the LGBTQ community while others are hoping she is coming out. But others said that her timing is suspect.

"Funny she is posting this in June, pride month. Bestie you better not be queer baiting," one wrote. 

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