Kevin Hart chooses to be an honest father as he admits to having already informed his kids about his previous scandals.

Based on this article, the comedian would rather have his children be already aware of his mistakes rather than learn them from the internet. 

Hart advises other celebrity fathers to communicate their controversies with their kids because "it's going to come out."

"And some of them are cool about it and some of them are not, depending on the situation."

"You have to understand the different personalities and manage them correctly," says the "Fatherhood" star.

The actor claimed his kids "understand who their father is," describing the situation as a gift and a curse. 

"The gift is the life that you're able to live, and the curse is the spotlight that's on you constantly," Kevin explains to his five children. 

Kevin Hart List of Scandals That He Has Discussed With His Children Includes Cheating on Their Mom

The public is aware of the drama that happened between Kevin Hart and Eniko Kenzo back in 2017.

Netflix even made the documentary "Don't F-ck This Up." 

This documentary revolves around Kenzo finding out about Hart's infidelity while pregnant with their child. 

This was not the first cheating scandal that Hart was accused of, as his first partner Torrei Hart claimed that he cheated on her with Eniko. 

Aside from relationship issues, the actor had also been labeled homophobic due to his tweets with slurs dug up in 2019. 

Later on, the public figure deleted the tweets, but the controversy made Kevin lose the position of the 2019 Oscar host. 

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Kevin Hart Branches Out of Usual Comedy Genre With Recent "Fatherhood," Movie on Netflix

The film is categorized under comedy-drama, "Fatherhood" is a real-life story of Matthew Login's heartbreaking experience as a father. 

The cast includes Kevin Hart as the main character, Deborah Ayorinde as his wife, and Melody Hurd will be playing as his daughter, Madeline.

The plot revolves around the true-to-life happening in Matthew Login's life as a single father.

The protagonist created a blog about widowhood titled "Matt, Liz, and Madeline: Life and Death, All in a 27-Hour Period."

The film's screenplay was adapted from Logelin's book "Two Kisses for Maddy: A Memoir of Loss and Love." 

And, of course, his blog, which garnered so much media coverage.

Hart impressed critics with his acting as the actor is "usually known for his comedy." 

According to sources, Kevin was praised for committing to "a more dramatic side" and "is surprisingly convincing" with his acting. 

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