Chris Brown is facing a new abuse allegation - again, for allegedly hurting a woman, physically. 

Brown is currently dealing with a battery probe after he allegedly smacked the back of the head of his newest victim.

According to law enforcement sources, the authorities went to the singer's home in San Fernando Valley after a woman accused him of hitting her. Following this report, the police considered it as a battery and put Brown as the prime suspect.

Although the alleged woman did not sustain any serious injuries, she reportedly suffered from a dislodged weave. As of the writing, no arrests have been made to put Brown under custody.

It was not the first time the 32-year-old stayed in the middle of hot waters.

In May, Brown held a massive birthday bash at his Tarzana home only to deal with the Los Angeles Police Department in the end. According to the authorities, they received multiple calls about double-parked cars and loud music that truly troubled everyone into the early hours of the morning.

His neighbors reportedly called the cops who arrived around 2:00 AM and spoke with Brown's security team.

Meanwhile, multiple news outlets revealed that the cause of the noise was due to the 400 to 500 guests in attendance. The ABC7 then confirmed that it led to at least 300 parked cars outside the home.

Brown was not also arrested following the incident.

History of Chris Brown's Abuse on Women

Brown may have created lullabies for women, but he abuses women as often as he can release songs.

The abuse allegations started when he and his former girlfriend Rihanna began dating. During the night before the Grammy Awards in 2019, the then-couple left a pre-Grammy party and started a public altercation.

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At that time, Rihanna suffered from visible bruises and contusions on her face and arms. Following the incident, Brown received a charge with Batter and completed the probation in March 2015.

In 2011, Robin Roberts herself witnessed Brown's attitude when she asked him about his domestic abuse case during his appearance on "Good Morning America." After hearing the question, he stormed off the set and broke a window inside his dressing room.

Deanne Gines also accused him of shoving her to the ground after a club-related altercation. She ended up receiving surgery after ligaments in her right knee got torn.

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