It seems like Bill Cosby is winning at life after being released from jail after the Pennsylvania high court overturned his sexual assault conviction.

According to an expert of the booking industry, it's only a matter of time for the once "America's Dad" to cash in on showing his face to the public by making special appearances.

The expert told TMZ that Bill would be a major player in the speaking and PR industry. Despite the market being very limited for the disgraced comedian, it's still highly possible for him to earn a massive amount of money.

The "Little Bill" star is expected to make about $10,000 to $15,000 per public appearance - and even $20,000 for speaking engagements.

The booking expert pointed out to O.J. Simpson as precedent, explaining that even though he was accused and found liable for murdering two people, he still made much money afterwards.

It's expected that the same will also happen for Bill Cosby.

However, though it may seem very exciting for the "Cosby" star, it will not happen anytime soon.

Still, there is a certain feeling that a few people, such as older fans who watched "The Cosby Show," will be interested. They have either forgave him or truly believed that Bill was innocent the entire time.

TMZ revealed that these people, along with organizations that are sympathetic towards the convict, are willing to shell out how much they cost to see him and hear what he has to say.

But not everyone is enthusiastic about the thought. A member of a marketing group told the outlet that he would never book someone like Bill Cosby for any reason.

He said that the comedian is just "off-limits," unless he will be seen taking severe steps toward remorse and changing up his image, something that the celebrity has refused to do until this day.

On Wednesday, Bill Cosby was released from prison, and the woman he had been found guilty of sexual assaulting, Andrea Constand, completely ripped the court's decision. Other organizations and famous people were also furious.

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What Is Bill Cosby's Net Worth?

Everybody knows that Bill Cosby has a massive net worth, and he's going to love going home to it.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, at the time of his release from jail, Bill Cosby is worth $400 million.

Most of the money came from working on "The Cosby Show," when he was earning $1.1 million per year in 1985.

Then he had a two-year contract with Caesar's Palace, which earned him $2.52 million.

He also has commercials and earned $1 million in between advertisements.

Forbes also estimated Bill Cosby makes most of his money in syndication for his hit show, which generated about $1.5 billion in revenue before cancelling the reruns.

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