Lizzo had been out and about in Los Angeles, catching the attention of nearby paparazzi because of her choice in shirts, which caused quite a stir.

The celebrity had been wearing a statement piece of a shirt which started the issue.

Before having dinner at Catch LA, Lizzo was seen taking pictures with fans, and some of them recorded the interaction between her and the reporters.

One of the photographers noticed her shirt and said, "Is that a message to Demi? Should she reach out?"

Lizzo decidedly ignored the question.

Instead, she corrected the person by saying mentioning the singer's pronouns after coming out as non-binary.

According to Billboard, Lizzo had held up her finger to silence the crowd, flipping her fabulous blonde hair before saying, "Demi goes by 'they' now."

Demi had caught wind of this and mentioned the "Juice" singer on her Instagram story with the caption "@lizzobeeating you f-cking queen I love you."

Twitter Community Reacts to Lizzo Getting All Up in the Paparazzi's Face

Short snippets of Lizzo calling out the paparazzi have circulated Twitter as fans of the singer applaud her.

  The news has reached international fans as several Twitter users used Spanish and English in their posts. This Twitter user quoted Lizzo's line to the paparazzi before praising the singer in their native language.

The words translate into "It really is not that difficult. Bravo Lizzo for this."

Another user pointed out that Lizzo had screamed in the reporter's face. The tweet translated into English says, "Demi goes by They. Lizzo screamed it and I love her for it."

  Pop Wrapped journalist Nicholas Liddle quote tweeted Dallas Lovato's tweet with the caption, "Thank you @lizzo for respecting Demi Lavato's pronouns & correcting the paparazzi."

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Demi Lovato's Sister Dallas Lovato Speaks Up About Respecting Pronouns, "It's So Simple"

Demi Lovato's older sister took her opinion about Lizzo to Twitter as she expresses her gratitude and opinion on the incident.

   @yourbestfriendjoshua “Demi goes by ‘they’.” - @lizzo  ♬ original sound - Joshua Pingley     

  The actress had tweeted out this TikTok video with the caption, "THANK YOU @lizzo

Dallas also tweeted Nicholas Liddle's post stating that using the appropriate pronoun is "so simple" and "harms no one."

"Like don't you want to make the world a more connected place?" the actress continues her clap back in her tweet.

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