"The Avenger" Star Chris Hemsworth just had his summer started, all the way from Australia as he opens National Geographic's "SharkFest 2021."

The shark-infested marathon lasts six weeks from its first episode, which already aired this Monday across different networks, including Disney+.

According to Newsweek, the celebrity was given "a mission to uncover the science of shark behavior" while also figuring out safe coexistence between humans and sharks.

This National Geographic project focused on the east coast of Australia, which noticeably reported that they had an increase in local shark attacks.

In the next six-week journey, Valerie Taylor joined Hemsworth as the actor's legendary underwater conservationist sidekick.

Chris Hemsworth Fans Thirst After 'Thor: Love and Thunder' Star and Shares Shirtless Pics

Chris Hemsworth fans worldwide and every gender identity have tuned in for the first episode of "SharkFest 2021."

Avid watchers of the Aussie actor tweeted out their reaction while watching Hemsworth surf on the beach, and it can be a little raunchy.

One dad proudly announced that "Chris Hemsworth's long neck begs to be kissed, licked and nibbled on "

  While another user explicitly highlighted the most anticipated part of the show, "Sorry but what is the point of watching chris hemsworth surf with his shirt on"

To which supportive husbands, secretly Hemsworth fanboys, have tweeted out their support for Chris's abs.

"You['re] welcome, ladies," says one of them who managed to tweet a snapshot of the rare scenes with Chris' shirtless.

  There are a few who have pushed the boundary by posting shark-inspired outfits as a way to seduce the "God of Thunder."

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Chris Hemsworth's Work Closely with Shark Legend Valerie Taylor on 'Shark Beach' Episode

The Aussie star Chris Hemsworth interviews Valerie Taylor, who has made more than 10,000 dives in her 80 years of existence.

Treehuger reported that the "SharkFest" duo would dive together to a place where Taylor shows Chris the underwater world that she had been a part of.

In the first episode, Valarie still remembered the location where she encountered a giant nurse shark she had ever seen.

In late July, the shark expert will star in another documentary called "Playing with Sharks," which will premiere on Disney+.

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