Cardi B is now free from thinking about a lawsuit that could potentially cause her $3 million. It was filed against her by a blogger, who accused the singer of making threatening and insulting comments against her, leading to more threats and insults from Cardi B's fans.

A federal judge dismissed the lawsuit against the singer.  Based on the court documents that Radar Online was able to obtain, the original case by Cardi B against blogger Latasha K will go before a jury. The countersuit from Latasha to Cardi however, merited no similar decision. It was dismissed. 

It can be recalled that Cardi filed a lawsuit against Tasha because the blogger claimed the 
WAP" singer not only had Herpes, she was also a prostitute who abused substances and drugs. Tasha countersued Cardi saying she publicly defamed, which caused fans of the singers and probably trolls to make death threats against the blogger. 

The judge said that while he will not make a decision on Cardi's claims against Tasha and will leave that up to the jury because of that many evidence that could be pondered upon that Tasha had submitted.

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On the other hand, Tasha failed to support her countersuit with evidence, which prompted the judge to deem that it is best to be dismissed. The judge explained that Tasha only provided evidence of Cardi's friends making threats, and not Cardi herself. He said also there is no evidence of Cardi B being the reason behind Tasha's emotional distress or difficulties with her pregnancy.  

With no evidence and no probable cause to say Cardi B should be held accountable, the case had to be dismissed.

The altercation happened way before the pandemic era. In 2019, the two butted heads leading to Cardi B suing Latasha K, who runs the blog called unWinewithTashaK. 

According to Cardi B, TashaK had posted a total of 23 videos in a year that featured wild accusations against her, including the fact that she would give birth to a child with intellectual disabilities. It can be remembered that at the time, Cardi B was still pregnant. Tasha K based her statements only on the speculation that Cardi B was taking drugs while heavily pregnant. 

In one of these rants that enraged the singer, Tasha described Cardi as, "Just a Grammy nominated prostitute running around spreading her herpes."


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