Heads turned as Bella Hadid walks the carpet of Cannes International Film Festival.

The 24-year old graced the red carpet for the Cannes Film Festival with a boldly revealing outfit choice.

The model was not afraid of revealing skin as the industry is slowly bringing back in-person events.

Bella had worn a tiny, black dress that covered almost every part of her mannequin-like body except for her entire chest.

The showstopper also meticulously placed avant-garde jewelry to cover her cleavage area.

According to Vogue, the bold and golden accessory adorning Hadid's neck and chest had been from Schiaparelli's Fall/Winter 2021 Couture Collection.

The statement piece, designed by Daniel Roseberry, was showcased recently in Paris's couture week.

Supermodel Bella Hadid Shows Off New BF Marc Kalman During Paris Fashion Week

Meanwhile, Bella Hadid is no longer single!

The model casually reveals her relationship status through an Instagram post with the caption, "Time of my life, Healthy, Working and Loved."

Hollywood Life reported that paparazzis had photographed the new couple the next day as they shared a tiny, inflatable boat in Antibes, France.

The photos show the two caught in the middle of a passionately searing make-out session as they drift along the French Riviera.

According to sources, Bella's new beau is an art director and clothing designer who has designed albums for Travis Scott.

The model had met Marc Kalman in New York and had been familiar with him as the director is heavily involved in the fashion industry.

A source close to Bella had shared that the celebrity felt "ready for a new relationship" and is now "completely smitten" with Marc.

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Fans Disapproves of Bella Hadid's BF

Bella Hadid fans do not approve of Marc Kalman. The online community had begun researching and stalking Bella's new lover, "I'm at the co-op googling pictures of Bella Hadid's boyfriend."

One fan blatantly show their disgust with their tweet, "Bella Hadid's new boyfriend "

Almost all of the tweets about the supermodel's boyfriend were funny insults like this "Bella Hadid having a boyfriend is my villain origin story."

The dissing varies, "Bella Hadid's new boyfriend looks like the guy from to catch a predator. This one"

However, everyone had similar thoughts, "Bella Hadid's new boyfriend is ugly... why do I feel personally disappointed."

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