Watching Kylie Jenner's series "Inside Kylie Cosmetics" on her YouTube channel makes everyone want to work with her because of how everybody made her seem to be - a real boss lady.

At the young age of 23, she created a billion-dollar cosmetics empire, launching her first line when she was only 17 years old.

While her Kylie office looks plush and fancy, the same can't be said about working in the factory where her famous cosmetics are being manufactured.

Spatz Laboratories is also located in the California area, and it has been the manufacturer of her lip kits and other makeup items since its launch in 2015.

But a former employee of the factory detailed the horrifying ordeal she and the others had to go through to make the boss happy.

According to Irene Lopez, hired by an agency to work for the factory on the assembly line in 2016, Kylie Jenner would sometimes go to the lab, which she doesn't own or control, with her mom, Kris Jenner, to check in on the manufacturing.

On some days, the beauty mogul would even document her trips on social media.

"She would come by and watch us work to see what we did," Irene told The Sun.

However, the lab supervisors would often tell them they weren't allowed to talk with Kylie or Kris or any from their entourage.

According to Irene, the supervisor would often say, "'You guys are supposed to keep on working. You guys are not allowed to take any pictures or ask any questions.'"

The former worker would do as they were told-continue working and be quiet.

"It's not like she didn't see what the conditions are," Irene also revealed.

Another employee of the lab, Martha Molasco, worked for the lab for three years.

She explained strict rules that workers had to follow, especially when Kylie Jenner visited, which Irene previously mentioned above.

"It was messed up," Martha said. "We were doing her product, and we couldn't talk to her or see her."

"If we're doing her product and all the work is on us, she should be aware of it."

Irene also revealed that while working at the lab, she felt "degrading" while making these fan-favorite products for the reality star's brand.

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Employees were reportedly expected to complete up to 1,200 products daily.

Irene explained how if the supervisor didn't like the way you did the product, "they will throw it in your face as if it was trash."

And if the workers didn't go fast enough, "you were going to get fired."

Irene said that her supervisor had completed the products only to be thrown everything in the garbage and was forced to start all over again.

Supervisors were also reportedly "verbally threatening" to the employees, "I got paid minimum wage, they never offered a raise," Martha said.

They were also forced to work for 12 hours as they stood and that the lab was "so packed, you can't even move" and had to endure winter's cold conditions and summer's hot temperatures.

Per Irene, "You couldn't turn around without someone being right there behind you. That's how packed we were in the factory."

However, it doesn't seem like it's all Kylie Jenner's fault, as she wasn't their supervisor who forced them to do these difficult things. But as the employees previously said, "It's not like she didn't see what the conditions are."

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