Nicolas Cage will appear in front of cameras again, but his absence in massive Hollywood films became noticeable in the past years.

Cage, one of the top action stars that pushed Hollywood's film industry to the next level, seemingly losing his interest in big movies.

Ahead of the release of his newest indie film "Pig," Cage sat down for an interview (via Fox News) and reflected on his career changes. According to Cage, being part of "Pig" allowed him to prove that he can do other types of filmmaking.

"I wanted to remind myself and also remind some folks perhaps in the audience or in the media that I could also apply myself to a much more quiet and measured performance style," he said.

The 57-year-old star added that he already went through the ups and downs of film performances. He also realized that good performance only means being "naturalistic or photo-realistic or minimalistic."

Nicholas Cage Has A Different Goal Now

Through the upcoming indie film, he reportedly aimed to do something different compared to what he originally did in Hollywood.

Per Cage, he wants to tell whatever story he has regardless of its effect. With that said, he wanted to take the path of his wilderness by leaving Hollywood.

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"I don't know exactly why Rob left his stardom. It's never fully explained, and I like that about the movie. But as for me, I don't know if I'd want to go back," he said, referring to his Hollywood career.

Cage, despite working in Hollywood for decades, now sees working for any movie - even a simple Disney flick - would be terrifying.

In the past decades, the actor kept on working on low-budget films already. Instead of being part of movies like "Ghost Rider" and "The Rock," Cage opted to be part of almost-forgettable works.

His fans will see massive changes on July 16 once "Pig" opens. Although he left Hollywood, he will still be part of "The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent" soon. The flick tells a story of a fictionalized version of him who is enlisted to help the CIA.

Nicholas Cage, for the last time, made it clear that he would not go to premieres again since it already became too bizarre for him.

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