Mat George had been pronounced dead on the spot following a terrifying incident. He was 26.

The official document released by Los Angeles Police Department revealed that George died during the wee hours on Saturday. It revealed that the podcast's co-host was involved in a hit-and-run accident in the state.

An unidentified vehicle reportedly struck him as he walked in an unmarked crosswalk. According to CBS Los Angeles, the 26-year-old lost the life-and-death situation immediately.

Meanwhile, his podcast co-host Michaela Okland shared the heartbreaking news to their listeners online.

On Twitter, she said that she wanted their fans to know about George's death through her instead of a news article. She then confirmed her partner's untimely passing due to hit-and-run.

"I don't really have any other words right now. I wish I could contact everybody who knows him personally but the news is already out and I just can't do it right now," she went on.

Okland posted another message hours later, expressing her gratitude to the fans and loved ones for sharing their memories with the young host.

Fans Share Tribute For Mat George

Following the announcement, internet users showered the replies section with a heartwarming tribute for George.

One said, "Sending you so much love. I only knew Mat from here on twitter but is was so obvious that he brought warmth and happiness everywhere with him. He made me smile every day. So sorry for this senseless loss."

"love u please take your time to heal, we all endlessly love & support u. Mat's beautiful legacy will continue to live on through you & all his loving fans & listeners," another added.

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Okland shared another thread on their podcast's official Twitter account, saying that it is almost impossible for her to continue doing the project without George.

Mat George's death came after his short-lived, but a meaningful stint in the comedy and entertainment industry. Instead of having work that is related to his biology degree, he opted to pursue a career with the most spotlight.

Last year, he told Shoutout Arizona that he aimed to make LGBTQ+ people around the globe feel they are not alone. Despite his massive career change, George always wished to transform his voice into something that could help other people.

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