Marla Gibbs, the legendary actress and comedian, is in excellent spirits, according to a representative, after appearing to faint while getting her plaque on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Tuesday. The reason for passing out has also been reveaed.

The Emmy-nominated star's career has spanned five decades, including roles in classic sitcoms becoming Florence Johnston for "The Jeffersons" and Mary Jenkins for "227." She was introduced in the middle of the Hollywood Walk of Fame, July 20, by producer Norman Lear. According to this article, the 90-year-old guest of honor delivered her acceptance speech when she began slumping over in the middle of her address.

Marla Gibbs Fainted Due To Heat

Just as the scene happened quickly, Gibbs' son, who was also present in the event, helped his mother to a chair with water. The actress stepped indoors for a brief period, reportedly suffering from heat exhaustion In the 88-degree heat, 

Paramedics responded to the 6800 block of Hollywood Boulevard around noon for a medical emergency. Sources also reported that Gibbs declined transport, said Los Angeles Fire Department spokesperson Margaret Stewart.

After about half an hour, the ceremony continued, and Gibbs was formally presented with her star.

Fortunately, a rep for the actress, Garry Purdy, confirmed to Entertainment Weekly that she got overwhelmed, she is still "doing great" and had a "great time at the after-party."

The live stream ended while Gibbs continued to recover.

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Marla Gibbs' Walk Of Fame Speech

As Gibbs opened her speech, she shared the memory of attending the Walk of Fame ceremony for former "Jeffersons" co-star Isabel Sanford back in 2004.

"Thank you to all of you who have been fans of 'The Jeffersons' and '227,'" she said in her acceptance speech. "We love you, and this is because you watched us that we were able to excel, and I'm able to be here today."

In her speech, Gibbs thanked fellow actress Tisha Campbell and producer Norman Lear, who gave speeches before she took the stage. "It's only because of you that they know me," Gibbs said to Lear, who created "The Jeffersons."

"Thank you so much. And thank you to all of you who have been fans of The Jeffersons and 227. We love you and it's because you watched us that we were able to excel, and I'm able to be here today. Thank you," the actress added as she also thanked her grandsons and daughters.

Gibbs took pictures and did interviews with national and local media afterward.

You can watch her full speech here:

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