American heavy metal singer Mike Howe, who performed with "Metal Church," was reported dead Monday night, July 26.

Metal Church's official Facebook page shared a post to the public on the said night. "It is with our deepest regrets that we must announce the passing of our brother, our friend and true legend of heavy metal music."

"Mike Howe passed away this morning at his home in Eureka, California. We are devastated and at a loss for words." The band asked for respect for their and Howe's family's privacy during this challenging time as the post concluded.

As of writing, there were still no reports of what caused his death. Mike Howe passed away at 55 and would have turned a year old in August.

Mike Howe In The Music Scene

According to The Sun, Howe started his singing career for the Detroit band "Hellion," which was later renamed "Snair" after moving to Los Angeles. Other than that, in 1986, he also became a member of "Heretic."

Howe left his first band after releasing their first sole full-length album "Breaking Point."

By 1988, he joined "Metal Church" and replaced their then-singer, David Wayne.

Many credit Howe's arrivals at the band as the reason for "Metal Church's" being political on their music and being open on social issues with singles like "Blessing in Disguise" and "The Human Factor."

In 1995, the lead vocalist soon ended up recording three albums with the band before they split.

Howe provided guest vocals on several albums, including Hall Aflame's 1991 album "Guaranteed Forever" and Megora's 1997 EP "Illusions."

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Howe As A Legendary Artist

In 2018, Howe gave an interview with Sticks For Stones explaining his 20-year gap in performing.

The singer said in the interview, "I lived my life just like everybody else. At first, I was apprehensive - I was happy to be retired [from music]; I had a great career and [was] very grateful for what I had - but because he's an old friend, I was open to listening to his proposition."

Aside from that, he also opened up about them starting to write good music.

Numerous friends and fans have already shared their tributes for the singer who passed away, including Queensrÿche's vocalist Todd La Torre and SOTO singer Jeff Scott Soto.

 Fans have also stated how some of them were also waiting to meet him in concerts.

May he rest in peace.

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