Alex Rodriguez turned 46 years old single in St. Tropez.

But it was almost the same way his ex-fiancé Jennifer Lopez celebrated her birthday a few days prior.

There have been many similarities and overlaps between the former couple's outings that A-Rod wound up visiting the same shops JLo and her on-again boyfriend Ben Affleck went to just a few hours apart.

It also seems that no matter where the "Maid In Manhattan" actress goes, the former MLB superstar is just a couple of steps behind her.

Lucky for A-Rod, he always seems to have a new girl in tow.

Jennifer Lopez, Alex Rodriguez Spent Birthday In the Same Place

The "Jenny From the Block" hitmaker had Ben Affleck by her side to celebrate her 52nd birthday on a yacht. They sailed around the beautiful waters of St. Tropez.

However, her ex was also near the area.

Three days before turning 52, Alex Rodriguez also celebrated his 46th birthday. He also celebrated his special day on a yacht, but it was smaller than the massive vessel JLo had used.

The retired baseball star was surrounded by friends, including NFL reporter Melanie Collins but ended up in the French coastal town same as Jennifer Lopez.

Rumors fueled that Collins and A-Rod are in a romantic relationship with each other, but they denied that they're more than friends.

The pair reportedly know each other through their mutual friend, including Jessie James Decker and her husband, Eric Decker. This is also how the reporter keeps scoring invites to these celebrations.

Though nothing is going on between Alex Rodriguez and Melanie Collins, he is definitely keeping him close.

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A-Rod and Collins explored several swanky shops at St. Tropez, including snacking on ice cream. It was also not hard to notice them.

The pair roamed the island wearing matching ensembles.

Collins wore a classy white v-neck and a midi-dress while A-Rod wore white linen button-down and jogging pants.

The places they went to were also the same stores Jennifer Lopez, and Ben Affleck spotted a couple of hours ago.

A-Rod is keeping Jennifer Lopez even closer.

Several tabloids claim that the former athlete is obsessed with Bennifer 2.0, and it's getting very unhealthy.

But it's still best to take these reports with a grain of salt.

Whether or not Alex Rodriguez was following JLo may purely be a coincidence.

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