Blake Shelton has no chill for people who are still lamenting the fact that they have not been invited to his wedding to Gwen Stefani. According to him, they should all just move on and get over it. This includes his very own ex-BFF Adam Levine. 

According to Radar Online, Shelton has no remorse nor guilt for getting married with only limited number knowing about the special event and in attendance. The country singer, 45 was happy to have a very intimate wedding, which meant excluding a lot of people who thought they were so important in his life that they should have known about the big day. 

He excluded so many on the guest list, including his former "Voice" star and television bestie, Adam Levine. In an interview on SiriusXM's "The Storme Warren Show," he said he's aware that many friends were shocked he got officially got hitched to the "No Doubt" singer. 

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"So I've had awkward conversations with, with so many of my friends since it's 'Oh, oh yeah. I read y'all. Yeah, I read about that. How was that?," he said.

He then revealed what he thought about these "hurt" friends.  "You know, I was like, 'Listen, you know, we kept it small, get over it, you know, it's not of about you," he said, adding, there's a lot of them [friends]." 

He did not mention Adam Levine per se, but some can surmise his tirade is directed at him as well. It can be recalled that he was one of those who was reported to have been vocal about his surprise that Blake and Gwen already got married. He said he only found out like everyone else - through the media.

"Adam had no idea when Gwen and Blake very going to get married. Adam wasn't invited to the wedding and was not given the heads up despite the fact that Blake and Adam used to be as close as brothers when they were both on The Voice together," sources told Radar at the time. 


The thing is, what made the whole thing bizarre is that Blake had been talking about Adam performing at their big day for months. Plus, Adam himself hinted on The Ellen DeGeneres Show that he would be present at the big day.

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