For several years, nobody from Britney Spears' family has spoken out about her conservatorship.

Her mom Lynne has stayed quiet, as well as her younger sister Jamie Lynne.

But now, things are changing for the better.

The famous mom, who was once married to Jamie Spears, who maintained control of their daughter's controversial conservatorship, is speaking out.

She isn't keeping quiet anymore.

An insider revealed to OK! magazine that after Lynne heard about the "Toxic" singer's emotional testimony in court on Jun. 23, she made it her mission to save her 39-year-old daughter.

She is reportedly going to fight for her as the award-winning performer continues to stand up publicly for her freedom.

The insider explained, "Lynne felt awful at the way Britney's been treated by Jamie and certain legal guardians. She had no idea it was this bad and thought, maybe naively, that everything was under control."

Thankfully, the mom-of-three now understands that the conservatorship wanted her to think that so she could take a backseat and stay out of it.

Now, Lynne is assuring her daughter that "she would not be silent any longer and that she could count on her."

Britney Spears was also promised by her mom that she would be helping her out, "no matter what."

The 66-year-old keeps her promise that she has been telling other people how she's on Britney's side now and, just like many fans, wants her daughter to be free.

Unlike her conservator, Lynne Spears believes that Britney can live her life the way she sees fit and thinks that her daughter can make her own decision, whether personal or financial.

In early July, Lynne even petitioned the court to allow Britney Spears to hire her conservatorship which the judge granted on Jul. 14.

Though Lynn knows she has made mistakes in the past, especially wronging her, she wants to be a good mom to her daughter at the end of the day as she loves the "Baby One More Time" hitmaker very much.


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Get Jamie Spears Out of Conservatorship

The pop star's doctors are also in favorof removing Jamie Spears from Britney's conservatorship.

The medical experts believe that if her father is causing more harm than good, then it would have some problems with the conservatee.

Jamie has been the conservator of Britney's estate for over ten years, and Britney thinks her family, especially her dad, stole most of her money and earnings.

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