Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson may now presently be in separation, but friends do not believe this split would last forever. If in case the two get back together, they are not going to be surprised, and will even support it because they know it's important to Khloe. 

A source exclusively shared to Hollywood Life that Khloe's friends believe that it will not take long for Kim Kardashian's sister to just forgive Thompson's misdoings and get back together . In so doing, she would not just be prioritizing her daughter True's happiness (a reason why couples usually get back together is their kids), but for her own happiness.

Her friends said Khloe is big on romance and fairytale ending. "Out of all of the girls, Khloe is the one who wants the marriage and fairytale ending the most," the source said. "She's a hopeless romantic and she believes in love and trying to work it out no matter what which is why she's excused his behavior before," the source explained.

Based on what has so far transpired, it can be seen how many times Khloe already forgiven Tristan. The latest cheating allegations were denied by Tristan, but given his past record, that is bound to be hard to believe by Khloe. And yet, the two are in each other's lives, and sometimes even reported to have already gotten back together.

When Thompson cheated on Khloe with the family friend, and Kylie Jenner's ex-BFF Jordyn Woods, most fans thought this would be the last straw. Khloe would move on and just find happiness in her child True.

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But after some time has passed, Khloe already forgiven him and many fans even claimed she's pitiful for doing so. Some called her out, claiming she's a hypocrite for forgiving Thompson but not Woods.

"She's a very forgiving person and she loves him," the source concluded of Khloe. "They spend time together as a family for True and Tristan sees her at least a few times a week if not more. They do talk for the sake of True daily. She knows her family will support a reconciliation if it happens. The door is definitely not closed forever," the source further added.

The two were recently spotted together on July 20. 

They were seen and captured by paparazzi picking up True from her dance class in LA on this date. Video footage from the outing revealed Tristan and Khloe getting into one car together, after the Celtics star strapping True into her carseat. 


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