Prince Harry's ex-girlfriends themselves are not happy that he's releasing a memoir - or if reports can be trusted, four memoirs. It appears that the strategy is not only scaring and hurting the royals, but all the other people who were once close to Harry.

The news outlets are particularly focused on Queen Elizabeth's reactions, and sometimes eve Prince William's, but it appears that more are affected by this strategy.

According to Lady Colin Campbell, Prince Harry's ex-girlfriends are "not thrilled" about his upcoming memoir, at all. This is because if Harry makes true of his promise to reveal everything that has transpired in his life accurately and trutfully, it's impossible that he would not be talking about his past loves.

According to the analyst, for bystanders, or readers, the book is going to "be very entertaining and amusing", according to the Daily Express. On her YouTube channel, she said: "I think it's going to be one long shriek of agony, about how wonderful he now is, how terrible he use to be, how much he suffered, how unaware he was and how everybody let him down."

She said therefore that by making these allegations about himself, he could be painting others in his life in a negative picture.

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"I understand that the Prince Of Wales is really upset about it, that Camilla is quaking in her boots because Harry might turn on to her," the analyst claims

"I gather as well that the ex-girlfriends are not exactly thrilled, but, let's see what happens," she added.

One can recall that prior to settling down with Meghan Markle and flying with her oceans away from his home to America, Prince Harry has dated several high-profile girls. 

Prince Harry dated Chelsy Davy, a lawyer, between 2004 and 2011 and royal experts claimed he already thought she was the one. He wanted to marry her - but she abhor the spotlight his life is about. The two remained good friends, and as a testament to this, she was present in Prince Harry's wedding to Markle. 

If she hates the spotlight so much, having her relationship with Harry put out there through his memoir is going to be annoying for her.

Between 2021 and 2014, Harry dated actress Cressida Bonas. She finally moved on last year when she 

married Harry Wentworth-Stanley in an intimate ceremony. This was right in the middle of the relentless COVID-19 pandemic.  .

Prince Harry announced last week in a statement he would be typing up the "mistakes and lessons learned" in his life and analysts claimed that it will be surely impossible for him not to talk about his past romances.

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