The most legendary and Hall of Famer in professional wrestling history, Ric Flair has reportedly departed WWE as he requested to let go from his contract but not without controversy.

On Monday, Wrestling Inc. officially reported that Ric Flair got his request approved, which became effective the same day.

Fightful Select, meanwhile, said as reported by Ringside News that Flair was frustrated by certain WWE booking decisions and had personally reached out to Vince McMahon to air this irritation.

The most recent stint he got involved with the company lasted nearly nine years after returning to WWE in 2012.

"The Nature Boy" was recognized as a 16-time world champion by WWE and a two-time WWE Hall of Famer. He was inducted individually by 2008 and placed as part of the Four Horsemen in 2012, along with Arn Anderson, Ole Anderson, and Tully Blanchard.

What Was Ric Flair's Storyline About?

Flair was not fully admitted for his storyline as he was being arranged to Lacey Evans, which was her daughter, Charlotte's biggest rival.

January 2021, Flair would assist Evans in matches and cause his daughter Charlotte to lose. As reported by this article, the storyline did not include that Flair and Evans were meant to be romantically involved. It was certainly implied.

The storyline had its twists because Evans announced that she was pregnant with her and her husband's second child last February.

The star surprisingly opened up that he didn't care for his last WWE storyline, but he continued the show because he was never someone who turned down an angle.

According to this article, Flair talked about being uncomfortable with that storyline while speaking with Ariel Helwani back in May.

He explained that in an instant, he didn't feel comfortable, "The one thing I've learned is you're not going to win a war when someone's got their mind made up. When that was all over, I was mad but now I just look back and say it wasn't it."

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Ric Flair Off-Ring Career With WWE

Flair has been retired from in-ring competition since 2011 when he last wrestled for TNA Wrestling. He had his final match with WWE as he went head-to-head with Shawn Michaels at "WrestleMania 24" in 2008.

Before being granted his release, Flair had been with WWE in a non-wrestling capacity since his 2012 return. In 2020, Flair announced in May that he signed a new contract with WWE.

Sports Illustrated reported that Charlotte would challenge the Raw Women's Championship at "SummerSlam" for August, as she will fight champion Nikki A.S.H. and Rhea Ripley in a triple-threat match.


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